AI Eats The World | Jeremy Howard, Vivienne Ming, Peter Diamandis | SU Global Summit

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Artificial intelligence is transforming industries and businesses, revamping the ways we understand information, and automating human work. SU Networks & Computing Systems faculty Jeremy Howard, in discussion with Socos CEO Vivienne Ming and Peter Diamandis, will explore where AI may lead us in the coming years.

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About Global Summit:
Converging technologies are accelerating human progress and creating unexpected opportunities at an unfathomable pace. Each year, SU Global Summit brings together a world-class collection of thinkers, leaders and doers to help redefine the future of business, technology, and humanity as a whole. This is our flagship event, and the only time each year when the entire SU community comes together.

About Singularity University:
Singularity University is a benefit corporation headquartered at NASA’s research campus in Silicon Valley. We provide educational programs, innovative partnerships and a startup accelerator to help individuals, businesses, institutions, investors, NGOs and governments understand cutting-edge technologies, and how to utilize these technologies to positively impact billions of people.


bert havermout says:

You want sit with these people in a cozy bar, just relaxing? You want to work with these people on something, whatever it is? I do not need AI, I am smart enough. But besides that, AI is just dangerous!!! Especially if these type of people are developing this. AI: You can teach your dog tricks, and you will, because you know, it will never be smarter than you. Suppose there are dogs 2-3 times the size of you ( a cow is). Want to make it smart?

Luis Ortega says:

CAGO happens to mean "I am shitting" in Spanish and Portuguese. Good name for your company mate!

Erin Laemmle says:

What if psychopaths get their hands on AI? Oh wait they already have! Our we safe?

Erin Laemmle says:

Are tranny’s psychopaths?

Erin Laemmle says:

If we can rely more on AI than humans, great!!!

Jhn says:

Wow she is about to rip that dress into two. The muscle tone there, incredible

26clarity says:

Ai is more dangerous than NKorea over 5yrs. Unquestionably.

DyzioTheDreamer says:

I wonder when AI (affordable) will be able to sound alarm when a fox or a hawk comes to my free ranging hen yard. At the moment I must keep my eyes peeled at all times and watch the streaming video from that IP camera.

Anthropos says:

Damn she got the guns out.

Raja Shahja says:

i want to see whats at the right side of her posterior cranium .

Hysteresis says:

The transphobes attacking Vivienne, thanks for the laugh, stay unaccomplished and ignorant 👌😂

jondoe8o says:

WTF is this? These people are horrible. Cutting each other off, patting their own shoulders. Fuck that! People who think they're shaping the future should have some sense of being a decent human being and not act like Highschool kids. What a bad joke this is

JC says:

Can somebody please transcribe the four ai experts Jeremy mentions at 20:45?

IamMANnumber1 says:

Why is it anyone who describes themselves as an 'entrepreneur' is a twat?

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