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In this video we talk about Auto ML by Google brain. Auto ML is one of the first successful automated AI projects.

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Information about Automated Machine Learning (AutoML)


Google’s Artificial Intelligence Built an AI That Outperforms Any Made by Humans

Google’s New AI Is Better at Creating AI Than the Company’s Engineers


0:00 Tchami – After Life (Feat. Stacy Barthe)

0:40 Delectatio – Everything Is A Dream

1:45 Ricky Eat Acid – A Smoothie Robot For My Moon Mansion

3:37 Catching Flies – The Long Journey Home

4:40 Gryffin – Heading Home (feat. Josef Salvat)

5:18 Faux Tales – Weightless (feat. Luke Cusato)

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arizakaa says:

misleading title

How4Basic says:

It reminds me of a different movies like Terminator or Matrix

That0Homeless0Guy says:

We need to fit them all with physical overrides. A mechanical device that is independent of the AI system and mechanically disconnects it from any inputs or outputs. Remember. They are only limited by the box we put them in.

codywohlers says:

From the video it sounds like they just applied an evolutionary algorithm to make the neural network, similar to MarI/O.

Joel Garcia says:

Why are all the smart people so damn dumb why would you let a robot create another robot

mitchcraft says:

Oh yay an Orwellian AI (!)

Brenden says:

dat singularity is a lot closer than most people realize… and humanity will never be the same.

brian 5 says:

Tread lightly

Austin Sharrett says:

Great. It's over. Welp this is was fun.

Víctor Salazar says:

This makes me want to do stuff

SNKBigBoss says:

Those who don't know how to code will never appreciate the amount of art it takes to make something move as if it was done by magic even though it was just a bunch of electrical signals

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