AI and the military: Friend or Foe? | Project Force

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“Killer Robots” may seem far fetched, but as @AlexGatopoulos explains, the use of autonomous machines and other military applications of artificial intelligence are a growing reality of modern warfare.

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ICT Solutions Guru says:

Are we really applauding this?? Scary stuff. So absolutely & undeniably far more dangerous than any covid "pandemic" could ever be for the survival of our species!

Mick Johnson says:

Terminators are ridiculous in every way. There are only two reasons to build sluggish intelligent robots in the hilariously flawed hominid form: as servants/helpers or as assassins. Ever seen the French/Australian film "Partisan"?
"Child androids make the best civil-side assassins. Well, next to small stealth drones equipped with painless microsyringes and lethal/psychoactive untraceable compounds, anyway. You know what? Forget humanoid androids. They are almost worthless outside of non-military civil use. " -Barack Obama, 2025

Chance Robinson says:

Since the invention of fire, technology and killing have gone hand-in-hand.

Chris Njugi says:

Person Of Interest, anyone?

Manpreet Singh says:

Always look forward to hearing from Alex. Top guy

Yousef Ibrahim says:

Disinfo video without any base to it.

Pundlik says:

amazing initiative

Day Williams says:

Watch The Phoenic Incident – free on tubi. The beasts are robotic flesh eating monsters. Those are the beasts referenced in Revelation 8 (KJV) – pale horse. Microchipped humans and AI will deploy those monsters on humanity.

Marsha Ammons says:

IA, shouldn't be used as a tool on our Military and the other is the Navy and Air Force. This'll be able to get us people killed off by the way of the Entire forces of the Terrorist. Please understand that we will be able to pray about this one video 🙏 and messenger and the other is the message from the other Guy. God bless you and your family and friends and the children too I am now going to be able to pray for you guys as well.

Zoleka Mhlauli says:

watching the barrage of missiles being taken down by the iron dome missile system, thats also AI, no ways humans can be that accurate

Ronald Williams says:

Is there not a house where all the house and farm work is done by robots?

Peggy Mattie says:

The future will be Yeshua/Jesus Messiah returning. Prepare the way of the Lord. Repent of sin and believe in Yeshua. Time is running out.

Touchofgrey53 says:

I have a feeling the next few terrorists attacks will be targeting these robots!

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