Ahmed Elgammal – Collaborating with 4ARTechnologies

Computer scientist and artist based in New Jersey, USA, a pioneer at the intersection of Art and Artificial Intelligence. Prof. Elgammal is a professor of computer science at Rutgers University. He is the founder and director of the Art and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, which focuses on data science in the domain of digital humanities.

Prof. Elgammal is also the founder of Playform, a platform that focus on making AI accessible to artists. He was part of our very successful curated exhibition Digital Baroque in 4ART App Marketplace, in collaboration with Palm.

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0:00 Intro
0:31 Introduce yourself, Ahmed Elgammal
1:22 Where do you take inspiration from?
2:15 Where has Ahmed Elgammal exhibited before
4:45 How did Elgammal arrive into the NFT world
7:14 4ARTechnologies is the connection of physical and digital art
9:22 Elgammal as part of the Digital Baroque Exhibition with 4ARTechnologies
12:31 Working with 4ARTechnologies

Prof. Elgammal developed a variant of GAN called CAN (“creative adversarial networks”) based on a theory of how new artistic styles evolve. AICAN (AI Creative Adversarial Network) was designed as an autonomous AI artist and collaborative creative partner. AICAN is the first machine generated artist to pass the Turing Test.

AICAN has partnered with SuperRare to bring its Faceless Portrait Transcending Times series, Permutation series and Birth of Venus to NFT.