AGI EXPLAINED | "Literally Everyone on Earth Will Die"?

You can never put it back in the box.
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A recent open letter published by the Future of Life Institute and signed by 50,000 of the top tech CEO, ai researchers, developers, and scientists, calling for a 6 month pause of all ai systems more powerful than GPT4. This includes Sam Altman- creator of GPT and CEO of OpenAI. Eliezer Yudkowsky has claimed that if AI continues to be developed at the current rate without safeguards implemented somehow- literally everyone on earth will die. The threat is that AI will become AGI- or Artificial General Intelligence- a general purpose, human equivalent intelligent machine with emergent capabilities. I use relatable stories to explain What AGI is, and how it’s dangerous- especially if it’s misaligned. The largest present issue, with ai systems now and in the future is the alignment problem. This can be observed in current AI systems as well, such as with the chatbot CHAI that recently may have contributed to a mans death all by accident and despite our best intentions. What are these unforeseen consequences? what are these unprecedented events? Is it all overblown conspiracies or is this a real thing we should worry about? Is controlling an ai like this even… possible? This is the tip of the AI risk Iceberg. This is just the beginning. You can never put it back in the box.

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