AGI-14 MicroPsi Tutorial by Joscha Bach and Ronnie Vuine

Joscha Bach and Ronnie Vuine give a tutorial on the MicroPsi cognitive architecture at the Seventh Conference on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI-14) in Quebec City ( Joscha starts with explaining the high level ideas and around 1:38:40 Ronnie starts giving some demonstrations of the software.

The MicroPsi agent architecture describes the interaction of emotion, motivation and cognition of situated agents, mainly based on the Psi theory of Dietrich Dörner. The Psi theory addresses emotion, perception, representation and bounded rationality, but being formulated within psychology, has had relatively little impact on the discussion of agents within computer science. MicroPsi is a formulation of the original theory in a more abstract and formal way, at the same time enhancing it with additional concepts for memory, building of ontological categories and attention.

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