A quick introduction to Generative AI

The term “Generative AI” has appeared as if out of thin air over the past few months. Looking at Google trends, we can see an aggressive growth in interest even just over the past 12 months. This interest can be attributed to the release of Generative models like DALL-E 2, Imagen, and ChatGPT. But what does “Generative AI” actually mean?

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What is Generative AI?
In short, Generative AI refers to any Artificial Intelligence model that generates novel data, information, or documents.

Generative AI vs. Discriminative AI
Generative AI is most easily described by contrasting it with Discriminative AI. As we have seen, Generative AI is useful when we want to generate data, information, or documents. On the other hand, Discriminative AI is useful when we want to make some sort of decision.

00:00 What is Generative AI?
00:43 Real-life use cases
01:38 What kind of models make Generative AI?
02:36 Mathematical comparison to Discriminative models
04:19 The main promise of Generative AI
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06:25 What do you think about Generative AI?

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