A neurotechnology startup accelerates recovery after a stroke: Tej Tadi at TEDxLausanne – Dr Tej Tadi, a neuroscientist, founded MindMaze ( in 2011 to develop technologies that help patients recover from brain injuries. Last year his company successfully launched devices, which use virtual reality, brain imaging and gaming technologies to retrain the brain in stroke victims. MindMaze is now developing solutions for spinal cord injury and amputee patients.

Our brain decodes the world for us but what would happen if it malfunctioned? This happens daily to millions of patients around the world, seriously impairing their ability to carry out simple tasks we take for granted. Dr Tej Tadi explains his revolutionary multidisciplinary, multisensory approach which uses novel diagnostic and therapeutic metrics to accelerate brain recovery. He also gives tips on how to translate a concept into business reality.


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