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From the paper “Haptic Identification of Objects Using a Soft Robotic Gripper,” published in the proceedings of IROS 2015.

This work was done in the Distributed Robotics Laboratory at MIT with support from The Boeing Company and the National Science Foundation, grant numbers NSF IIS1226883, and NSF CCF1138967. We are grateful for this support.



潘胜杰 says:

festo did it better 5 years ago

Max Loh says:

Music is really shitty. EVERYTHING ELSE IS AWESOME!

dorrintheengineer says:

+50 for picking up the paper cup. I personally have a tendency to crush the living daylights out of those things, and I didn't see any deformation at all…

Inter Action says:

The silcone soft grips have been around for quite a while. But now they can identify the object using special sensors. That's what's new.

Christian Alvarado says:

That is so cool! I wonder what type of material they used for the hands…

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