6. Search: Games, Minimax, and Alpha-Beta

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MIT 6.034 Artificial Intelligence, Fall 2010
View the complete course: http://ocw.mit.edu/6-034F10
Instructor: Patrick Winston

In this lecture, we consider strategies for adversarial games such as chess. We discuss the minimax algorithm, and how alpha-beta pruning improves its efficiency. We then examine progressive deepening, which ensures that some answer is always available.

License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
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RPi beginner says:

if you watching this in 2018, like this comment!

Myrsini Vak says:

When exactly does A-B prune the most nodes?

MASHATE Youssef says:

wrong choice of variables' naming, hhh

Rahul Sharma says:

what software is he using for it ?

于昊杨 says:

Jeez this prof is so cool in the way he talks about things wish I have a teacher like that so I don't have to watch this in a class with a super bad teacher lol

Shivangi Singh says:

I got thrown off a little on the alpha beta part. So at each level we when we make comparisons do we look at the values from both the min and max perspective?

Jacek S says:

This prof explains stuff so well. Respect.

Brian Baker says:

wonderful lecture

Cody Kala says:

This was an excellent lecture. The explanation of alpha-beta pruning was so clear and easy to follow, and Prof. Winston is excellent at presenting the material in an engaging fashion. And I loved how Prof. Winston goes the extra mile to tie in these concepts to real life situations such as Deep Blue. Thank you so much!

Kenny Crous says:

The sound of the chalk is torturous oO

Bulooo Mister says:

Better than my CS teacher…

Joao Simoes says:

I wish my professor explained this well, I'd be sitting front row every lesson.
Thank you MIT for this video!

Dale St. Hillaire says:

Very clear and concise.

ChairGTables says:

I fornicate to Minimax a lot

Cameron Moore says:

Came here for a good explanation of alpha-beta pruning, and got what I came for. Fantastic lecture!

…but what really blew me away was how absurdly clean that blackboard is. Just look at it!

FZ says:

Such a great, clear lecturer!

Andrew Tang says:

This is the Breaking Bad of AI lectures. Epic beyond comparison. I've watched it more than once and I've learned something new every time.

insidioso says:

Greetings from the Politecnico di Milano; thank you for these beautiful lectures!

yyk900820 says:

Love this professor. Calm clear explanation. Smooth voice. And humour.

Brandon Unknown says:

I understand the need to make it into class and stay caught up on complicated subjects…but man oh man: if you're so sick that you cough every 4-8 seconds on average, you need to keep your ass at home and have a colleague share notes with you (or watch the video!). You are detracting from everyone else's education and likely spread your tuberculosis to 10 other people. Infuriating, can't imagine how annoyed the instructor and students must have felt.

Heng Yue says:

it is funny reading all these comments complaining about students moving chairs, coughing, and sleeping, while 80% of the students sitting in that classroom is (almost) guaranteed to be smarter or more hardworking than you (and me). It is even more interesting if you take a step back and think about how people are attracted to unimportant details while ignoring the big picture.

12345a says:

Alan Turing was a Badass

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