6 Developing Female Robots With Artificial Intelligence Will Be Your Partner or Assistant In Future.

6 Developing female Robots with Artificial Intelligence ‘ll Be your Partner or Assistant At Home Or Work in Future.

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1. Harmony, A Beautiful Lady Robot Can Replace Your Bed Partner.
A beautiful robot
Harmony is unlike any simple doll that you may have seen before. She is a combination of the highest quality doll in the world with
advanced robotic components, and is powered with the ultimate customizable AI to deliver the most enjoyable conversation and interaction
you can have with a machine.

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2. Meet Samantha, Beautiful Female Robot, It’s Creators Say Humans Are Already Falling In love With Their Machines.
Samantha is one of the recent “hyper realistic” female robot.
Samantha is a project centered on a robot that is capable of enjoying time together. Samantha is the name of the project and architecture.
The name of the robot itself can be selected and introduced into the Samantha architecture.

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3.Meet Emma – World First Talking Artificial Intelligent Humanoid Female Robot By Bride Robot Tech.

4. HRP-4C (Miim) is Feminine humanoid Robot Can Sing Walk & Dance So Well.
The HRP-4C, nicknamed Miim, is a feminine-looking humanoid robot created by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science
and Technology (AIST), a Japanese research TEAM.

Is She Beautiful Girl Or A Robot? Beautiful Humanoid Robot – Can Be Made Your Life Partner.
I believe it can inspire and let you understand more about life-like humanoid robot development.

6. Sophia is a social humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics. In October 2017, the robot became a Saudi Arabian citizen, the first robot to receive citizenship of any country. While interviewers around the world have been impressed by the sophistication of many of Sophia’s responses to their questions, the bulk of Sophia’s meaningful statements are believed by experts to be somewhat scripted.