5G and AI Everywhere: 2030 Will Be a New World | Jeff Brown | Ep 60 | The Glenn Beck Podcast

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11.23.19 | Technology is advancing faster than ever, and it’s not slowing down. This decade was the era of smart phones, streaming, and the internet of things. But with 5G and AI on the rise, high-tech executive Jeff Brown believes 2030 will be a new world. Brown is an early-stage tech investor and analyst who’s seen the modern technological revolution firsthand. He describes quantum computing as a moon landing and 5G as game-changing. He predicts a near future full of artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, wireless surgeries, genetic healing, cryptocurrencies, and more! But with equal advances in encryption hacking and the AI tracking abilities of Google, Facebook, and even China, we must control our own data!

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Aaejae Brown says:

Down with communism & Out with the communists !!!

Aaejae Brown says:

Pick up some saws, hammers, picks, etc. & lose electronics. Children being raised by the village can be a good thing, except when the village is fu#ked up.

Aaejae Brown says:

Life in 5, 10 or 20 years will be no different than life in 1776, it is society that will be different.

Stanley Kania says:

So like the hackers end the world with nukes from the basement from their personal smart phone with A.I.

Stanley Kania says:

A.I. let's make a world that optimize health and happiness of the people and planet

Stanley Kania says:

The roads here can't be driven very fast, western PA .

Stanley Kania says:

My new f250 7.3 Godzilla gas guzzler don't self drive.. No 5g needed, just cheaper oil..

Brenda Williams says:

The Goal? Let's just sum it up. You WILL NOT have a soul. They will not allow it.

Brenda Williams says:

Google don't have jack!!! The government has ALL of the Quantum technology! All of it.

Brenda Williams says:

Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc, etc, etc – all your very personal information is under government surveillance and control. Amazon and Apple – SAME THING! This guy is a joke telling you to trust Apple and Amazon. WTH.

Brenda Williams says:

Facebook is completely controlled by the government! Period. End of story. Do you really think they would let a guy like Zuckerberg have a tremendous amount of information on millions and millions of people all over the world all under his control? Hell no! The government monitors Facebook very, very closely, controls content, and algorithms. They control EVERYTHING.

Brenda Williams says:

Pure insanity with 5G. It is extremely dangerous! This guy is NOT telling you the truth. He is lying. He says "there's no evidence it causes harm". He is lying! There are MANY studies showing it causes harm. Cell phone giants have been in senate hearings being called on the carpet for ignoring the vast evidence that shows it's very dangerous. They asked the cell phone companies – AT&T, Verizon, T Mobile, etc – if there was any kind of budget to study the 5G effects to humans. NOTHING! They said nothing! They don't care. And the FCC has also gone on the record and said they don't care about the avalanche of evidence, they are moving forward with "progress". AI driving cars???? So humans are idiots and are just too stupid to make decisions for themselves. Let the computers do it for you. OMG!!!!! This guy here is NEW WORLD ORDER poster boy! He's paid and controlled by the elites who want to control every single aspect of your life! Fight this with your life!!! If you agree with anything this guy is saying you have been completely indoctrinated and mind controlled by total BS! These people are sick bastards!

Karsa Orlong says:

Answer the question. How do they know they got it right?

Gonzo TV says:

Guy looks like Julian Assange lol

Jennifer Cooley says:

Coins, are not what people are calling the mark of the beast, the people who do not obey God's commandments will determine who you serve, it tells you in the bible the Mark of the Beast, pay attention to the 4th commandment, God put all the answers in the bible, watch Doug Bachelor on Amazing Facts for some really good bible study & panorama of prophecy seminar he is doing almost every night until November 13, 7pm PT, Bless you, thank you for your videos with information, this New AI technology is not a good thing, I definitely want no part in worldly things, I only use this internet for important information & bible study

Jennifer Cooley says:

It's not our cars that cause the accidents!!! It's the ignorant people behind the desk who make the decision on which person gets to continue to drive regardless of their ability but I have been a great responsible driver since I was 16 & lose my license over not being able to pay a bill, so it's not the objects or the cars fault for crashing, it's the operators fault. Tired of these rich people being bored & decide to change my whole life & world because they feel like playing God, You are not a God, ridiculous, that's why bible prophecy is coming True faster & faster…just enjoy what God made for heaven's sake….God bless everyone

Kaiser Chief says:

If only Glen could get Jeff back on again. Interested in his take on these interesting times.

Brian Ellinger says:

I heard something about 10 years ago the rest of my family went to Europe and they replace them here,
with people from there.

That none of my real family is here in the family (the bag)
that they are represented to belong to today.

That I was supposed to be put in to my family within the last couple of years.
but they went to I guess an actor company and hired someone to play my part.
I was also told that some people from Africa are the ones that are stealing my money now????

But I don't know if that is part of or separate from the blue cheese and whoever has a power of attorney or Faked paper marriage paperwork to steal my money…..
Because I saw these trash people from that crime family wearing and wanting my family's memorabilia….
And they are still stealing it with some kind of a line to my real family/ ppl who know me.
who knows that I am in a submarine.
And whenever they give money these trash people steal it. whenever they give donations like shoes or close.
These people steal it.
I also heard something about a $300 monthly gift card that is supposed to go to me.
that these people also steal.
They keep me isolated behind an invisible fence to make sure that I cannot get to or be seen by any of the people who think that they are giving me money.
. I also heard something about a nun who gave access to an account for me to get my teeth fixed and these trash people set me up with a mobile dentist clinic for the homeless while they all got their teeth fixed with that account.
Can someone please get this to law enforcement….
His name is Steve.
he livesd at sha.
he pretended to be my friend Cj when my brother Danny from Ohio came to give me my inheritance from my dad.
it was a storage locker a security deposit box and an iron piggy bank.
… the ghetto trash took and split it up between themselves.
I was told that Mary on the third floor of building 500 has my card?.

Pamela Armas says:

New world for you guy..We won't be here!!!!

Donna Rhodes says:

But why do these people need to take everything away from us?; then force us to work to help them accomplish their dreams and goals when they just destroyed ours ???. In that movie Lucy !; the Chinese illegally planted (Blue!!!) pouches of drugs in her !. Then she became like a super computer until she turned into a memory chip !!!!!!.where did she go ??? Everywhere !!!!!

Donna Rhodes says:

Watch the movie The Surrogates with Bruce Willis !!; you can see what could possibly happen . 💕

Donna Rhodes says:

If they put some imagination into that self driving car ?? like let’s make a car like the JetSons had ?😃. Just only so far off the ground and just a certain safe speed ??!!!. And then just think !; no more broken roads to fix !! Like Doc said !!; where we are going we don’t need roads 😃. Ok Elon get busy !!! . If your computer is that smart ? Then it should be able to show you how to achieve this ?????!. Let your computer have an imagination to play with !! Did you teach it how to have fun ?; smile?; laugh? Like when the men in black did the flashy thing on people ; then gave them a new thought and memory . ( just some things you people cause me to think about when I hear these conversations ???) 💕

Donna Rhodes says:

On those self driving cars ???; how will you stop hackers from taking over the vehicle ???; they couldn’t stop them from stealing people’s bank accounts !; or even from hacking into the pentagon !!!! . Is there an APP for that ???.

OrphanDextro says:

You stole my dad from me. He was a pretty normal guy before he found this show. A hard working man, we used to build houses and decks together, I love it. He was so smart and level headed; he was a little conspiratorial, but men his age tend to be. He was a truck driver and they got new trucks with new radios and your show was on one of the stations. After a few months of listening, he wasn’t the same. All he could talk about was these conspiracies. All I wanted was to talk about trucks, fishing, building, hell have one beer without hearing one of your theories. I’m not hear to debate politics, I just want you to know what this nonsense does to people. It can happen on both sides, from any party, but something about your ideas changes the way people relate to each other. There is no more dialogue. Worst of all, you got rich off it, you don’t believe a word of this. You just know it makes lonely people tune in, to feel connected to something. I would do anything to a real debate with you, no cameras, no microphones. You ruined my dad. I love him more than anything, but you took him from me, worse, you took him from himself, no one can stand to be around him anymore. I hope one day to understand the additive nature of shows like these, to show people that it’s barely different from drugs.

ian bardon says:

Living into our 100s lol . No if Gates gets his way.

Jon Boy says:

It depends who is in charge of such systems doesn't it?!!!!

Alison Perkins says:

I just watched this today … October 21, 2021. I'm curious how this conversation would go if it happened today after all the freedoms we have lost in the last year and a half.

su lutulenta says:

Moon Landing!? what a stupid statement! awaken people know ….

ian bardon says:

Jobs who will need a job, so few in the world after DePopulation

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