5 Coolest ROBOTS You Can Actually Own!

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Crazy about smart home robots? Here are the best 5 home robots that you can buy right now. Yes, its real, the imaginary household robots are available in the market now. These are the coolest to watch and use. They range from walking robots to running dog. They can do a lot of works for you including assistance, guide etc. The links for the robots are given below.

♣♣♣ (2017 Version)
5 Coolest ROBOTS You Can Actually Own! #2: https://youtu.be/W07gNVGo7e8
5 Coolest ROBOTS You Can Actually Own! #3:

Tapia: https://mjirobotics.co.jp/
Chip: https://amzn.to/2XD5I0t
Ninebot Segway: http://amzn.to/2aK1urA
Aido: http://bit.ly/2b6zl1u
Zenbo: https://zenbo.asus.com/

We thought of including “Buddy” as well but didn’t as it was released much earlier. But its totally worth it.
Buddy: http://www.bluefrogrobotics.com/

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Please watch: “5 ROBOTS You Long For #3”


Incredibles ! says:

{New Video} 5 Coolest ROBOTS You Can Actually Own! #3

Dillon Sudduth says:

(9:3015:34)- Oh my fucking Gosh! The acting in this was so bad, I nearly died of fucking cringe! If it wasn't for that cute robot, I would hate this so much. 🤦‍♂️

¿Somebody? says:


Gamer O' King says:

this is clickbait

An Van Le (An) says:

soo cool im gonna try to buy it and u help me to give her a example

retaj mohammed says:

No one will be scared of a robot dog

arta9360 arta9360 says:

The Robot with the High Tone voice needs to be killed FAST. (The ASUS one)

Jahanara Begum says:

Robots used to creep me out now I see what there all about

Honey Roscoe says:

I rather have a real dog

Riley B says:

Honestly, Aido is a robot nanny in a nutshell. It's great.

Riley B says:

Chip is basically a dog for kids whose parents won't let them have dogs.

Riley B says:

I kinda want Tapia now.

Fyntizumovih says:

класс видео .смотрите РОБОТОВ https://youtu.be/yJQ4I9Dm4LQ


Aido not aibo

Fun with Puppets says:

did you forgot about cozmo?

Hikazaya Nikushi says:

The first one maybe.. the 2nd one hell no. Real dogs r still way better. 3rd maybe. 4th also maybe but then I’d want a robot that can talk back. 5th The zenbo one is kinda good I wonder if it’s possible to alter the voice a bit

Rosey Queen says:

Scince my mom wont let me get a dog ill ask for chip instead!

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