5 Coolest ROBOTS You Can Actually Own!

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Love those cool and crazy Robots? Here are 5 of the best household/personal robots that you can actually buy online and keep at your house. All of these robots are futuristic and they can perform a variety of jobs for you and hence they could become your assistant. Find the product links below.

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Robotbase Personal Robot : https://fave.co/2BdoeDO
Moorebot Personal assistant : http://amzn.to/2wQIWUY
Temi Personal Robot: https://bit.ly/38fNMMg
Sphero Star Wars BB-8 App Controlled Robot: http://amzn.to/2eUwAVB
Sanbot Assistant Robot : http://bit.ly/2gSiBA0

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Incredibles ! says:

We are giving away gifts worth more than $1000 this Christmas, get one for yourself here: https://youtu.be/zyiozR2cdNk

ThatRandom Limey says:

The invasion is happening…
Oh no, make them stop making robots!

#Dreamteam Is tha best says:

Literally no one:
Not even you:
Not even me:
Not even the 7 billion peeps on the planet:
Not even the universe:


iM tHe FuTuRe

niltess christian says:

Can the robot called persenal robot in 0:08 understand filipino?

My World says:

I have my own Sanbot

• Dimitri! • says:


• Dimitri! • says:


• Dimitri! • says:


HealthCorner says:

5:05 is that a google?

LOW JUN YEE Moe says:

I want Sanbot.

Expert Hub Robotics says:

8:08 Amazing technology for homes 👍

plagalurks says:

What's the name is this song 5:24

donna villa gaspan says:

Jefer: this robot s■■k
Jefer: I WANT THAT ROBOT NOwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Corey Mahjoubian says:

What’s the name of the first one?

Talmage Sell says:

Moorebot is the minions of robots. Useless and just stupid

ilias gian says:

The termination is really close

John Koester says:

That would be cool to have a life-size Doraemon With artificial intelligence

Alix Rodriguez says:

I already have a robot th best robot he is

Mark says:

1st robot waists your monney

Movies xp says:

5:38 its all fun and games until the parents throw her off a 5000 km long building

American flag 4th of July Wolf says:

5:12 floor speakers were following him

Mostly Aviation says:

Temi looks like a living vacuum.

Shobhit Rai says:

We will get dum from mind soon by accepting these robot…

Oscar O'keeffe says:

0:19 this robot: gets sold
alexa: * im about to end this mans WHOLE career*

Trxnch✔️ says:

San bot will take over the world

Trxnch✔️ says:

That second robot sounds like it is evil.

Imma Zone says:

The personal robot combined its functions with sanbot would be very AWSOME🤩

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