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Artificial intelligence stocks could add another $30 trillion to the economy AND your portfolio! I’m digging into the research to find the best AI stocks for your money.

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I found the Ark Invest Big Ideas report last week and love the research on 15 innovation industries changing our world! The only problem is, there aren’t any stocks to buy. The report lays out the research and stock trends but doesn’t recommend any stocks.

So I’m going through each of these 15 hottest themes of tomorrow to analyze the research and find you the stocks to buy…and we’re starting with the biggest! Artificial intelligence is breaking into a new era of coding by machines rather than programmers. It’s about to touch every industry and you need to put this trend in your portfolio.

We’ll start with how to find AI stocks. I’ll show you how to create an AI stocks list of 71 companies to research, companies on the forefront of this revolution. I’ll then reveal how to analyze stocks of artificial intelligence companies and those five AI stocks to watch.

When you’re investing in deep learning and machine learning stocks, make sure you buy some smaller companies as well as the giant tech companies. You want some fast-growing upstarts as well as the AI leaders like Google, Amazon, and Salesforce. I like to use the screener on Stockcard to find the artificial intelligence collection but you can also look for companies with keywords like deep learning and machine learning technology. Once you start your list of AI companies, find their competitors and narrow your list for those with shares available.

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Joseph Hogue, CFA spent nearly a decade as an investment analyst for institutional firms and banks. He now helps people understand their financial lives through debt payoff strategies, investing and ways to save more money. He has appeared on Bloomberg and on sites like CNBC and Morningstar. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and is a veteran of the Marine Corps.



Let's Talk Money! with Joseph Hogue, CFA says:

Another big theme we'll be covering…electric vehicles! See some of my top picks with these EV stocks!

eY Xidey says:

how could you???? you forgot about palantir… 😀

Mohamed Brahimi says:

I watched all 5 of them since the day you posted the video. All 5 of them dropped in value… by a lot

100 fold return says:

AITX. I'm up over 5000% since early December.

Juls Ride says:

Can you take a look at penny A.I stocks?

Eddie Mcdade says:

Think that These are 10X stocks….!!!! VITX, IPNFF, SWRM, DLRWF, AABB, FUNFF, TWOH, ZHUD, and CTSDF

Harvey Holloway says:

I had a comment blocked just now on this site. I was just asking for the same info on the same stock as the small comment below. If this is not you, you need to know that You Tube is blocking some of your people from posting.

Harvey Holloway says:

ABWN. Anyone know when these people will actually launch?

Harvey Holloway says:

I have now added stock card to my start up. What a good program.

100 fold return says:

AITX is up over 10,000% since early December when i started buying it. Artificial Intelligence Technology Devices is a company that builds Robotics to assist in security mainly. They are getting more and more new orders in this year. In a world that wants to defund the police I think this company is focused on filling in a much needed space.

Elias Batarseh says:

Nice video 👍🏼 AITX is one to keep an eye out for! If you guys and gals can tolerate more risk, it may be a nice play to have some shares given it is currently at .24. PLYZ is another AI driven play currently .004!

Elvin 5337 says:

AITX You welcome

apmmasterpc99 apmmasterpc99 says:

Ark invest or Black rock better ?

William Penn jr. says:

that's exactly what Skynet would say


I agree with you On IBM but I think that GOOGLE is the one and only. Watch the movie on YouTube ALPHA GO.
I think Google will be the most valuable company on Earth for a thousand years.

Frederick Willemssens says:

Hi Joseph, do you personally invest in European stocks as well?

Christopher Parelli says:

Love your content. I was wondering if you have any recommendations on any free tools to do research with? I’m not opposed to pay for some but at this point in time my portfolio is to small and the % lost from paying for tools just doesn’t make sense right now.

Omar Mnts says:

I did buy what you recommend and everything when up at least 40% I am following you since 3 months ago thanks for the gains

Freddie Jonesy says:

woah, IBM? That would be cool if the stock rebounded this year.

Julius Jones says:

Hi Joe, you're insight has been phenomenal I have 3 platforms on M1 and I love it. I have 3 teens that I pay an allowance to I would like to introduce them in to investing there money, do you have any thoughts on entry-level investing for parents like me for there kids?

Regular European Investor says:

Thanks for sharing! So far this is my favorite investment channel. especially how it is all data driven. Joseph, how do you search/come up with investment ideas? I mean from AI / 5G, to glasses companies 🙂

Ebay Addicts says:

Nice work 🎆🎇🌠

Texan-American says:

No mention of Palantir and IBM partnership?

Rosy YONG says:

Hi sir, will u take a look at Relief Therapeutics (SIX:RLF; OTCQB: RLFTF)? They just a had preliminary results with NeoroRx, Inc for their Phase 2b/3 trial of ZYESAMI™ (aviptadil, previously RLF-100) in patients with respiratory failure due to Critical COVID-19. If Authorized for Use, ZYESAMI™ Would be First Treatment Specifically for Critically Ill Patients with Respiratory Failure. thanks!

Mechanicalgun EDP says:

Hi I’m in Australia and finally this channel looks like some truth to it , I need help to where I can start as I first time investor , I have followed a like in your email that took me to Coinbase app is that good for someone in Aus , because I see the rate is higher for transaction if u ur in my part of the world. Where do I start ? And kind of looking for the truth ? Thanks 🙏

Mathias Perroni says:

Amazing content. Great insight. And as always I applaud your research and dedication. To continue the trend of tech/futuristic stocks.. How about a video on solar/renewables energy?

Day 44k says:

So glad I found this channel !

kiran katraj says:

Any thoughts on INUV AI stock

kamal pmm says:

What do you think about CBDD ? it's a small company already profitable. risky but high reward and very cheap right now

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