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MIT 6.034 Artificial Intelligence, Fall 2010
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Instructor: Patrick Winston

We consider a block-stacking program, which can answer questions about its own behavior, and then identify an animal given a list of its characteristics. Finally, we discuss how to extract knowledge from an expert, using the example of bagging groceries.

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Gaurav sharma says:

what software is he using??

oneby18 says:

I like how he ends the class with controlling hallucination. LOL

moses mccabe says:

which textbook did him used for this class?

Sivaramakrishnan Ganesh says:

He not only crushed the potato chips but my heart as well 🙁

Trevor Brown says:

I just wanted to say thankyou.

Panda says:

Holy donald trump

Science Recruit says:

IF murdered THEN dead. That makes a great obituary.

PS Don't pack away your stuff before the professor formally ends his lecture. I find that to be extremely unrespectful ubiquitous behavior.

Celia Kessassi says:

13:35 he made a mistake, he was answering the why again in the opposite sens.

NaN says:

The first of the Scottish play is not to call it by name.

Евгений Моисеенко says:

It's strange that the lecturer didn't even mention Prolog in the lecture about rule-based expert systems.

Yesukan Kozok says:

35:19 ASIN BAYRAKLARI!!!!!!!!!!

Harvard's Puzzles says:

Does OCW have DBMS' lectures also? If yes, please share the link with me. This video was so inspiring for me as a competent computer science engineer.

Apollys says:

Omg this guy's humorrrrrrrrr! 2:24

I guess it's probably twice as funny for me because I'm watching everything at 2x speed :))

Guzmán Chehab says:

4:33 I would have asked the program why didnt it put b4 somewhere else, like the big one.

Leopold W. says:

Simon was not the first winner of Nobel Prize in Economics.

IndustryOfMagic says:

These videos are pure gold for me, I love it when I can get my hands on any bit of valuable knowledge and as professor Winston said, Knowledge is power but the real power is knowing what knowledge is. (Ref: "2. Reasoning: Goal Trees and Problem Solving" 43:33 min. mark)

PS: 23:51 blonde dude (albino maybe) on first row uses some form of monocular to enhance vision or what sorcery is this. Amazing whatever it is. As well as at 23:09 (and again at 38:59 ) that places his nose almost touching his notebook to take a note.

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