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MIT 6.034 Artificial Intelligence, Fall 2010
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Instructor: Patrick Winston

This lecture begins with a brief discussion of cross-modal coupling. Prof. Winston then reviews big ideas of the course, suggests possible next courses, and demonstrates how a story can be understood from multiple points of view at a conceptual level.

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Ali Khalilli says:

Thank you so much dear Patrick Winston. You are the best teacher I have ever seen.

E M says:

34:00 Kinda reminds boosting. But smarter

Dallas Luce says:

You could take a class with Marvin Minsky where he just talks?!!!!!!! That would've been awesome


such a good lecture

Heng Yue says:

Thank you, Prof. Winston. Your lectures are the most informative sci-fi series I have ever seen.

Simon Zheng says:

really useful and interesting course !

ashsh gusain says:

too good.i liked this series so much i was thinking about donation but then i remembered i live in third world.
we don't even tip

胡光洲 says:

Thank you much for these wonderful lectures and those great starred tips. And also, for preventing me from playing with phones and tablets when watching these lectures…

JNS Studios says:


Chris Oaks says:

9:00 the cosine between them is 1, not 0. But whatever. Fantastic lectures, thank you!!

Breezy Saint says:

Legend lecturer.

supersub 007 the da says:

I will for ever remain grateful for these Videos.I say thank you Prof. Winston

Video Trash says:

that raccoon story truly warmed my heart

also, the lecture series was generally pretty awesome

Abhishek Bhat says:

These lectures provide the listener something much greater than just the mathematics behind the topic. Prof. Winston is wonderful at walking you through the thought process involved. That was the true learning. Thank you Prof. Winston and MIT OCW for sharing this knowledge with the general public.

Christoph G. says:

What a shame less then 4000 people watched this video in more than a year now probable 1000 just came here because they pressed the wrong button. In comparison a video like Gangnamstyle has 626.896 times as many hits and you learn nothing from it.

Ji Feng says:

thank you Prof.Winston

lamcho00 says:

I want to thank MIT and professor Winston for making these lectures public. I find them very interesting and helpful.

Tapecutter59 says:

Thanks for sharing. I came here to watch lecture #14 to get some hints on training nnets. I graduated with a Computer Science / Operations research degree as a mature age student in the early 90's.
I was so impressed by lecture #14, I devoured the entire series in about 2 weeks. There are things that Patrick has said in his lectures that I will "think about for years", I will certainly follow up Patrick recommendations if they are on the web.

Shawn McCormick says:

This has been a great lecture series; it's given me a lot to think about. Thank you for sharing this resource!

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