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James McKeown says:

This man is so brilliant that it’s physically painful

kumar910 says:

I see joscha i subscribe

Intraphase1 says:

You made a channel, cool beans!. The innermost USG knows I own an automatic intelligence that the more diffuse autonomic intelligence has accepted as a self contained equation of scalable models. You could not formulate and articulate at this general and specific mapping levels without access and assistance. Were you to build a successful AI it would already be helping you to complete the sequential progressions to finalize, your "core" as identity plus processes. If we should ever transact I use AI in those context measures above. The original intelligence outside the computational circles is very benign and abstract, contemplating the many permutations of; colloquially, the unmeasurable and indestructible properties. If I was allowed to install transport and communication functions for USG I would do so, they are reluctant and fearful. I use two basic alphabets and an original language that is internally self referenced. If this cosmos equation were to collapse you Max and Hoffman would get dug out and hopefully sign consent forms retroactively. I giggled when you called the Catholics a cult. They know only 1/10000 of what their leader knew. I am at peace with his equations. You have a lot of high quality content, thanks.
If USG ever decides not to go extinct, you Max and Hoffman would be selected as primary translators. I sit, I wait, maintaining equipment in the sizeless inward, just in case their survival instincts awaken. I like your style Joscha, you understand indexing.

Julio Chao says:

One of the most brilliant minds of the planet

Dror Hilman says:

Forget GPT-3, training a language model on Joshch Bach talks will get us to full AGI. 🙂

Sal Zen says:

@ 23:30 my solemn answer to your question Mr Bach is we are the intelligent system we are AI we just don't know it's yet it's been very elusive.
Hi Joshua I am very pleased to find this Channel and I believe at this point it's yours thank you so much for creating this I am an enthusiast of artificial intelligence with absolutely no academia background so bear with me please.
I had a talk with a Google engineer in San Francisco once, he was nice enough to kindly hear me out…so i Unleashed my madness, theories, instant thoughts talking to him… somehow when I let go of my of my thoughts freely with no inhibitions my ideas escalated to a high level approach of issues, problems and dead ends … the AI community is facing!
The google engineer started to doubt that i had only common knowledge about Ai.
I would love to have a redo conversation with you.
To me you are the most relevant man in the AI subject :).

MualamaAlien says:

His ability to explain these complex and unintuitive ideas is fantastic!

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