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MIT 6.034 Artificial Intelligence, Fall 2010
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Instructor: Patrick Winston

This lecture covers a symbolic integration program from the early days of AI. We use safe and heuristic transformations to simplify the problem, and then consider broader questions of how much knowledge is involved, and how the knowledge is represented.

License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
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Tor Ivan Boine says:

hmm. This got advanced fast 🙁

Youssef Alaoui says:

thank you for this interesting course

kechot cool says:

Love the ending. Well said by the instructor.
I would like to add: "AI is whatever hasn't been done yet." – Douglas Hofstadter

R R says:

Damn this course is good. My AI course began with "this is a node, this is a breadth first search, this is a…, you memorize this to pass the exam", this deals with the core concepts which I find more beneficial.

Guy Smith says:

Knowledge is having the solution to a problem.
Intelligence is finding the solution to a problem.
Wisdom is avoiding the problem.

Lucky M.E. says:

The "intelligence" weighs nothing if u know how it works, when its unmasked, the concept used by the professor explained was the same told by Joseph Weizenbaum in his paper of "Eliza – the first Chatterbot".

Paulo Constantino says:

This teacher keeps Sigh'ing all the time, as if he is really bored. In fact h is just trying to sound as if he is bored, so that he looks superior to the students, like "Oh I am so bored, this is so easy..I am so good". What a terrible and annoying teacher. I would leave the class on the first day after looking at this loser.

Khai Lai says:

From a person self-studying Artificial Intelligence, thank you so much for publishing this playlist! It is truly a great resource for me.

George Christoforou says:

POOR lecture. Where is the teaching of reasoning? Poblem solving? Goals goal trees, planning?

evert anders says:

what an idiot

Mike Fuller says:

Is this lecturer clever?

Drum bum says:

I'm so dumb guys look how dumb I am isn't it hilarious?

James Henry Smith says:

Check for questions that nobody asked or forgot about for science and problem solving.

xr28y ge3fl1 says:

At this point it still looks like regular programming.

Stars and a tree says:

This professor is a LEGEND.

jc says:

thanks for doing a calculus problem half the class. could easily made the point within 10 mins

James Henry Smith says:

Convert visuals, images, and graphs into solutions.

Check for questions that nobody asked or forgot about for science and problem solving.

Hanbot Montages says:

Thanks a lot for the free content. Im one of those cases that cant go to college because of cronic illness, so this is the best type of content for self teaching. 😀

Giray Efe says:

There are lots of asian there who does not listen the lecture, but still trying to solve the integral during the lecture lol

Sivaramakrishnan Ganesh says:

Finishing was awesome.. i loved it to the core

Sivaramakrishnan Ganesh says:

When he wrote knowledge is power, how many of you got the remembrance of badass little finger-cersei scence..
Power is power

Vijayabhaskar J says:

Cisco Ramon in the first row.

Nikhil Gupta says:

This course if for Comp sci. engineers or electrical engineers? Does this course coincide with Machine Learning and data Science?

Sahil Lawton says:

Okay, but I'm hoping the AI isn't just coding. I mean AI is supposed to be self learning

DemonFtIllusion says:

I had these kind of problems in my university's Scheme course.

maya ahmed says:

Really fun lecture. Thanks.

Lorder says:

I studied computer science but I never was a math guy. Can someone please explain me why this lectures of him matters for understanding ai?

gimmedaloot754 says:

Love this professor, but he CAN'T spell to save his life…lol. When I got my engineer degree our professor was a retired IBM employee and his goal was to stop engineering students from becoming a stereotype, ya know, being that we made it through high school and college and still can't master simple spelling… other than that he's

nba fun says:

when do they start with the code ??

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