160. Predictive sourcing – How it will help revolutionize procurement?

Guest Name: Edmund Zagorin, Founder and CEO of Bid Ops, Language: English, Publication date: Oct 23. 2021

Edmund Zagorin is the founder and CEO of Bid Ops., the first company to use artificial intelligence to fully automate supplier negotiations. As a strategic sourcing consultant, Edmund saw the inefficiency of combing through spreadsheets line item by line item to compare bids based on multiple different criteria, from this experience, Bid Ops was born.

Bid Ops was the winner of the Startup Competition at Digital Procurement World and was named “Best Startup” by the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON).

Some of the highlights of questions from the podcast include:
– What is predictive sourcing and how could it be different from the traditional approach?
– What is the advantage of predictive sourcing? Can it keep us ahead of the market?
– Can you please share with us some of the success stories around the implementation of predictive sourcing?
– Some other key takeaways

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