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14 Year Old programmer Tanmay Bakshi talks about Quantum computing, Machine learning and Power AI at IBM Code Day 2018

Check out the live demos on Quantum Computing and IBM power AI by this Young Genius in this video!

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Kristy Whalen says:

Jesus, that kid is annoying. I want to see him actually write a program, not from memory. Not from previous programming notes. This wasn't programming. It was a stupid kid selling IBM Q.

Korenyuk Olexander says:

in fact))))

Tanvi teaches says:

how much you scored in 10 th

vivek says:

nice video..But I didn't understood the first thing he said in the video about guessing the Queen from from 4 cards along with Aces…Since the logic remains same..irrespective of whether you use normal computer or quantum computer logic remains same…speed depends on type of processor & memory it uses.. If we use configuration of quantum computer to the normal computer it will calculate the outcome at same speed.. Also It depends on programmer which logic he implements…Also screen he shown contains the probability of outcome.. that's the basic thing if tossed the coin you will be having output as head or tail..sometime you will get head & sometime could be in percentage as pair 52-48% or 55%-45%…Nothing much more interesting as far as Quantum computing is just hype given forecasting as new generation technology…

Yashraj Chauhan says:

kemal you are not suppose to speak anything wrong about him…. before writing anything bad about him ,you must look at your position and his ……you will get a tremendous difference …..

Abdullah Alnaqbi says:

Good bless you

chepuri viswanath says:

kid. I am proud your from india. I really wish I had friends who knew atleast fraction of your knowledge..
If your were born and raised in india with your IQ, you would be rotting over IIT- JEE..
GOD bless you bro

K.verendra Reddy says:

No words to say

Paulo Rodrigues says:

I'm 10 years and i know Machine learning and AI and BlockChain.

Do you like my Nickname? I've made you waste 5 sec says:

That moment you realized a 14 year old has achieved more and is better articulated than most adults.

Taban Cosmos says:

Enjoyed this video. Learned couple of things already.,

Kemal Yenişar says:

is he boy or girl?

Alex Quaesar says:

Tanmay is a fake.

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