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MIT 6.034 Artificial Intelligence, Fall 2010
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Instructor: Patrick Winston

Why do “cats” and “dogs” end with different plural sounds, and how do we learn this? We can represent this problem in terms of distinctive features, and then generalize. We end this lecture with a brief discussion of how to approach AI problems.

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E M says:

1:37 these ideas about neural nets.. Comon this is so not updated.. Why didnt you publish his recent courses from 2015 like classes 12a and 12b about neural networks..

gumikebbap says:

When Mr. Winston says that neural networks weren't a good approach to this problem, I guess it's because he actually tried them, and I'm very intrigued about the result. Or did he just know it wasn't a good method? In that case, how did he come to that conclusion?

Video Trash says:

I wish it was true, that German cows would "müh", not moo, but I'm afraid it isn't so

sirhendro says:

I miss some enthusiasm in his speech. This makes it less enjoyable to watch.

Aleksandar Dimov says:

It's very interesting how he said that the Neural Networks were history, maybe he meant that they're making history. Anyway, great lectures!

Kenny T says:

the first lecture was better

Laughing Man says:

I noticed in this lecture he was talking about pronouncing a 'z' sound at the end of dogs, I think this a feature of 'American' English pronunciation, I wonder how an algorithm constructed around these arbitrary pronunciation quirks would deal with 'Australian' or 'British' English as they pronounce the 's' sounds in both cats and dogs.

kyoungd says:

I was a bit lost in this one.  I had trouble with slabic, voiced and few other phonetic terminology.  Still, professor gave me a good overview of phonology.  It is amazing that we use so few phonetics.  Also, the last part about how to approach AI problems is valuable in any field.

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