13. Speech Recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks in Keras/TensorFlow

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Learn to build a Keras model for speech classification. Audio is the field that ignited industry interest in deep learning. Although the data doesn’t look like the images and text we’re used to processing, we can use similar techniques to take short speech sound bites and identify what someone is saying. Follow along with Lukas using the Python scripts here: https://github.com/lukas/ml-class/tree/master/videos/cnn-audio

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AZR Flourish says:

where we can download the data which's used in here?

Nishok Reddy says:

Hiii sir my professor gave me a mini project topic is [Improving speech recognition using bionic wavelet feature] he said to do this in python program please help me to do it.plzzz

Phạm Thanh Nhàn says:

Is it QCNN??

Pablo Rivera says:

Do you know where to find WAV files like the ones that you used?

Taptaplit10 says:

Weights & Biases where is the link to download more files?

karen hdez says:

The video is amazing and it has helped me to solve one of my projects, however, when I'm running the last part validating the model, I've got this error

AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'item'

could you help me, please?

Zaph Beeblebrox says:

Great video! Thank you!!

02 7890 says:

How can i use this model for over 20,000 labels?

Mysterious Artiest says:

Can we use the same code to make a model to identify if an audio is fake or real?

TecGFS says:

Could you guys do a series where you guys make your own AI assistant?

Rhino Ara says:

I want to convert speech to text offline.. atleast a limited amount of words, can anybody help?

ShaunJW1 says:

I'm going to develop voice recognition software, thanks this is great, subscribed.

KR Works says:

Great resource. Instantly subscribed

C says:

Why not Pytorch?

C says:

Great video

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