13 NASA Inventions You Use Every Day

13 Inventions NASA Research Gave the World:
A lot of people like to say that NASA’s $22.6 billion dollar budget, making up less than half a percent of the federal budget, is a giant waste of resources. But there are actually a lot of benefits from keeping NASA around (NASA does a lot of things).

So to prove all the haters wrong, here’s a video about 13 everyday inventions we only have as a direct result of NASA and space exploration. From scratch-resistant lenses to lasik to water filtration technology, NASA research has helped your life in more ways than you know.

Watch the full video to learn more about all the pros of NASA and be sure to send this to anyone you ever hear saying ‘Why spend money on space when we have so many problems down here on Earth’.

Table of Contents (For Video Time Cards)
0:00-0:30- Intro
0:30-0:56- Scratch-Resistant Lenses
0:56-1:15- LASIK
1:15-1:41- Shock Absorbers
1:41-2:01- Solar Energy
2:01-2:55- Water Filtration
2:55-3:53 Highway Safety
3:53-4:20- Better Tires
4:20-4:36- Smartphone Cameras
4:36-4:53- MRI & CAT SCANS
4:53-5:12- Baby Formula
5:12-5:36- Memory Foam
5:36-5:48- Insulation
5:48-6:11- Aircraft Safety
6:11-6:38- Don’t Forget To SUBSCRIBE!

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