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MIT 6.0002 Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science, Fall 2016
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Instructor: Eric Grimson

In this lecture, Prof. Grimson introduces machine learning and shows examples of supervised learning using feature vectors.

License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
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Silap Aliyev says:

30:59 "oh come on. at least groan at me" :'/

Ideas Expounder says:

I'm following this course and I Love Machine Learning. You can also read my recently published machine learning related article here >>

Hjalmar Jakobsson says:

i think that eric is a tremendous teacher; really enjoy watching him explain stuff

Nick Seidenman says:

I'll make an even more obnoxious statement: Ten years from now, the "programmer" as a profession will no longer exist. Computers will be self-programming. So-called UX designers might still be around, but, even that will likely end up being fully automated as computers acquire greater ability to sense for themselves what we (humans) like and don't like.

Lakshman Rao says:

Let some real life application of Machine leaning be shown and shared rather than fantacicing

Roodborst Kalf says:

One comment on a part of the lecture that sounded counterintuitive to me. In the football example (42:27) he was arguably working with four different types of football players, but professor Grimson was rejecting working with four clusters, being afraid of overfitting, in stead choosing three, while he was clearly aware of there being four different types of football players. I would have chosen four clusters to reflect the four different types of football players and start from there.

Roodborst Kalf says:

I don't always like his sense of humor but this is an excellent lecture by professor Eric Grimson

Alien Machine says:

Prof. Grimson is the best Professor ever.

7701707 z says:

Thank You MIT

Mayank Joshi says:

what laptop is this?

TwoSome Chan says:

To Learn Udemy Machine Learning Course for Free. Visit:–

Mahesh says:

Thank you MIT

Alfredo Daniel Matias says:


thrishul h says:

which is the next video?

Rafał Klat says:

this is the chief Hopper!

OffCampusJobs4u says:

If you are looking for an online course on Machine learning then please visit this link-

Jack Kang says:

I took the 6.001x EdX course that Prof. Grimson taught. It was the greatest and most in-depth intro to programming course ever. I expect no less from the other courses, absolutely fantastic!


good for credit risk modelers!

My Name says:

32:00 knowing some biology should you not just ask if animal has gills or fins etc and thus it's a fish such as salmon

superdupe says:

reminds me of jack nicholson

Ren Rogers says:

Kids should learn more about computers, how they work, history etc. adults as well can benefit by this.

Aleksandar Šuković says:

How do you know she is a witch?
If… she… weighs the same as a duck.. she's made of wood.
-And therefore?

A witch!

Naruto Spam says:

What? is everything dimension! I though only time and space but everything(nne)

Melvin Zhou says:

As always, there is a reading assignment. Chapter 22 of the book gives you a good start on this. Can you someone please tell me which book he is referring to? Thank you

ozan says:

No one laughing this man, I think all of the people are sleeping 😀

Sarmad Zubair says:

Excellent lecture

David Lloyd-Jones says:

Why is MIT still using the Internet to broadcast people talking, rather than to illustrate ideas being taught?

People talking is only useful where the person talking can also listen and adapt to what their audience is thinking about what they have said. In all other cases, broadcasting an old lecture is useless as a teaching modality. It may be of historical interest: we want to watch Hitler speaking not to understand what he is saying but to understand his speeches and their reception as a historically important phenomenon. It is of no historical interest that some guy spoke in a classroom at MIT. This has happened hundreds of thousands of times.

There are teachers at MIT who have lot s of important knowledge and the occasional useful or interesting idea. OK. What are those things they know? Put them on the screen. There's a fast way of doing this. It's called print. You want us to hear the guy's voice? OK, let him tell us the ideas. But "Welcome back to class" is not a useful thing to teach. It is a waste of our time. There is no reason to put it on the Internet.

Blogush kumar says:

This is GOD level content. Wow! I want to salute this man for explaining complex ideas in such simple terms. No wonder MIT grads learn so well 🙁 I can only wish.

Diego Solis says:

A machine learning algorithm takes me to a machine learning course D:

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