10 AI Examples In Real Life: How Artificial Intelligence Impacts Everyday Life

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Artificial Intelligence In Real Everyday Life. Every single one of us encounters artificial intelligence multiple times each day. Even if we aren’t aware of it, artificial intelligence is at work, often behind the scenes, as we go about our everyday lives.

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I love the way he makes those points sound simple.
I watched another video before coming here, and it felt like analyzing a Science fiction horror movie

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Why do they call it AI when its not? Its just programming and algorithms.

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Karan Parab says:

Everybody uses AI is some way or the other. If you're not sure how, watch Nigel Wilson explain it all in this episode of Engati CX. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAF6xo7nhT8&list=PL05g56Qg9-goNEUmZlGGPHWfVjQRPpwr4&index=92&t=0s

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i had to watch it for homework

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Nice video and informative video Thank you

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