1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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MIT RES.LL-005 Mathematics of Big Data and Machine Learning, IAP 2020
Instructor: Jeremy Kepner, Vijay Gadepally
View the complete course: https://ocw.mit.edu/RES-LL-005IAP20
YouTube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUl4u3cNGP62uI_DWNdWoIMsgPcLGOx-V

This lecture provided an overview on artificial intelligence and took a deep dive on machine learning, including supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning.

License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
More information at https://ocw.mit.edu/terms
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Abdul Gani Abdul Rahim says:

Thank you for sharing.

Edmond A. says:

at 28:29, the slide says expert systems is one of the the Domingos' five-tribe ML. I kind of agree with Vijay that it is not part of ML.

Pro Castrination says:

Thank you so much for these lectures MIT

Alpha Bah says:

This is so great for making these valuable ressources completely free to us.

Would you consider uploading courses for civil engineering department?
Thank you 🙏🏽

dr밸런스 says:

good information. thank's a lot^^

Macknight Xu says:

Hi, No offence.
For activation function, is it some kind of luck to try out a good one? I mean it seems like trying out different functions and different params, then, ok, a better one has been found. Isn't it?

Indawg Wetrust says:

Autonomous vehicles are pretty safe. While this is debatable and certainly a matter of opinion, I (and many others) would argue that the barrier to wider adoption isn't due to the navigation systems being unsafe; it's our unwillingness to accept anything short of perfection. It's not really a fair comparison (Human vs. AI drivers) if we only count strikes against one side.

Marcellus Wallace says:

I searched for this

H.İ. Iskender says:


Abdullah Bin Zubair says:

Love the way how this guy generalized the whole picture of AI.

Ezra Ephrem says:

This is exactly what I needed awesome

Pratham Deshmukh says:

I thought the lecturer was Sundar Pichai😅😅😅😅

Farhan Algarni says:

Hot to get the slides?

Trazyn says:

Was this recorded in a wind tunnel? Why not use some of that machine learning and cut out all that background noise?

sehbinpa park says:

Thanks a lot for describing such a big comprehensive AI information in such a way that I can easily see and understand the forest of AI, especially machine learning !!!

Abbas Mehdi says:

So nice lectures and professors .
Wish to attend a real lecture at MIT .

Algovibes says:

Great resource. I will recommend that on my channel. Thank you very much for sharing.

Kind Regards

Natalis Ransi says:

great video___ thanks for sharing….

Ernie Earn says:

QAI.. uh oh

Anon Viewer says:

Mostly overview, not much nitty-gritty.
16:06 The primacy of data sets.
37:03 Clearly demonstrated by that famous 1983 documentary WarGames.
42:55 Machine Learning and Neural Networks.

ria gayo says:

I've no interest anymore with today's retarded narrow ai, I tend to understand causality and consciousness concept. 😂🤝

stark tonny says:

i think that big data is fake tech,just cheat money from vc

Pawan Chopra says:

Good chunk of video Lecture on AI and ML. can I get presentation for the Lecture.

Christopher Gaspar says:

how do i get the slides??

Reinis says:

Excellent for a newbie. Thanks for the great effort to cover all the basis in simple, but still reasonably indepth way.

AadityaZa says:

Such a great time to be alive. Thank you MIT OCW

Juan Sergio Lavín says:

many thanks

Rayhunter says:

Guys, which is the most important book on AI/Machine learning that you've read and why?

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