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With Artificial Intelligence, the future is faster than you think.
Human development in just 100+ years became global and grown exponential. We are witnessing rapid growth, and exponential technologies drive it with the availability of faster and cheaper computing power. Artificial Intelligence is one such Exponential technologies that are reinventing every business model and ecosystem.
Let’s quickly revisit to understand the difference between the linear and exponential scale. If your walk is 1 meter, 30 steps of 1meter will take you 30 meters from the starting point. Whereas 30 such exponential steps lead to over 1 billion meters.

Not only in our lives, but we also see it in stocks as well. Also, in the known brands, for example, see the Netflix growth, its valuation, a decade back is linear at 2.2Billion$, and now, it is more than 300billion$.

Remember, such growth can cause disruptive stress or opportunity. For example, photos taken each year have grown exponentially and, simultaneously, analogue photos (means hard copies) have fallen exponentially.
At present we have 20B+ connected devices and more than 1 trillion sensors. It is projected another exponential growth here.
Hence, an explosion of data ahead and we are heading to data-driven AI. Companies have to transform themselves to sustain themselves in the future.

Sundar Pichia says “Artificial intelligence could have more profound implications for humanity than electricity or fire.”
Elon Musk says “Companies have to race to build AI or they will be made uncompetitive. Essentially, if your competitor is racing to build AI, they will crush you.”


“There will be two kinds of companies at the end of this decade…. …those who are using AI. …and those who are out of business.”

We started seeing AI in drone deliveries, autonomous vehicles, Flying cars, Robots, and service industries where AI beat humans on all fronts.

The decade ahead is Human-AI collaboration,

In what industries? And what are the companies which have revenues from AI-enabled streams?

If we look at the US stock markets, AI companies are well classified as a segment and operating in different sectors health care, finance, transportation, construction, manufacturing, education, etc including cross-industry tech.

When it comes to Indian stock markets,
Sectors such as FMCG, Pharma, Cement, IT, etc are well organized, here, for Artificial intelligence, there is no separate sector or segment.

I have attempted to classify 30 stocks based on the criteria of at least 40% revenue contribution from AI or AI-enabled products and services.

Valuations are always in the premium mode for AI stocks, and these stocks try to catch the exponential price curve after the end of each consolidation phase.

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KrisDom - Investor says:

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YASH K says:

As a mechanical engineer
I am studying industrial revolution 4.0
Every body should

Gc Gupta says:

AI driven technologies future is bright.

Media Corporate says:

We want to live on Mars but what about 🌍. We always ignore what we have that's science.

Media Corporate says:

Gadho ki foz AI is more powerful then invention of fire. Like dinamite and Nuclear, mobile. What science give us ??

Tissy Joseph says:

Really great! Keep it up!

sujatha thiruvengadam says:

Thank you for compiling and suggesting


Thanks for your information brother 🙂… But pls say the stock number 27 what's that

Makarand Pundalik says:

Too good analysis, appreciate your efforts

Tushar Ghorpade says:

Persistent is not AI company as whole

Armaan Fazahat says:

Keep up the good work buddy so that such good words come out of me.
Thanks again

Armaan Fazahat says:

Would get more comments soon, when I watch this video again, seldomly do that but kind of video this is (may be all your videos) might require to watch it multiple times.

Armaan Fazahat says:

GMM Pfaudler doesn't fall in this AI Category?

Armaan Fazahat says:

Amazing R&D, extremely focused on subject, compact video to include multiple stocks, fan with 1st video, you are 3rd one whom I liked and deserving candidate to receive all the praise (above). Continue with the good work. THANK YOU


What about HCl technologies

Suresh Khandelwal says:

Thanks. Please update about 3i Infotech and Brightcom Group .

Pradeep karhadkar says:

A very good informative video., hats off to you.👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🌹🌹🌹

Rajan Bhave says:

Almost all are overvalued while AI is still not in full fetched ready…

25655india99 says:

Affordable Robotic & Automation mentioned in your video certainly has the markings of a tremendous multibagger.

Samir Patel says:

Prepare thesestock as per small medium and large cap categories

rohit panjla says:

Impressive research and hardwork done by you and your team.

Vilas Deshmukh says:

One of the best vedios in current situation will like to have more tips on the subject

Ajay Goud says:

Happiest minds absolutely gud

Indrakumar Bhise says:

Ggod information sir

vikash singh says:

Great job 👌👍

Dhanraj__ Official says:

Any suggestions on sonata software


I think intellect design arena company also good , can anyone suggest it for long term or short term

Punit Rana says:

I subscribed in 18 minutes and 32 seconds ,
Good going brother

Rp Electricals says:

Any advice on Infobean Technologies

pankaj kapoor says:

Catogery A technology
2.Zensar Technologies
3.Persistent Systems
4.Cyient Ltd
5.L&T Technology Services
6.Oracle Finance
10.Tata Elaxi
11. Info edge
12. Kelton Tech

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