Windows 7 Speech Recognition

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Close – If you still don’t think Windows 7 is cool, wait till you see the speech recognition!


Ellie Merc says:

You're right about training your voice, all practice. I like this feature and am now learning it. Thanks for this video, good job. I now have to learn how to type in chat windows, on emails and so on. (18.09/11).

Gianfranco Marchetti says:

Great McInTec

Ran Lim says:

hahaha same mic as me from rock band wii lol

zezaomachado says:

Not all bad stuff, Dude. But I couldn't make it work here yet. My o.s is installed in Pt/Br and I don't think it gives support as it being that way. I'll try get something trying some other alternatives. Nice equippment you have there.

beatchapter says:

This guy has not even tried to dictate anything. OK so it's not that bad for doing stuff that you can easily do much quicker with your mouse but it's absolutely fucking useless at dictation on any level. A senseless waste of time. Don't bother.

BoluvsJO says:

I have started using Windows seven speech recognition. And I find, really, it isn't that awesome as everyone says. It's very good for giving commands to your computer but as far as, dictation. Well, I guess you haven't tried many voice to text speech recognition programs.

It has a lot to bad glitches in it. It has a hard time understanding some words that are very commonly used, and when you go to correct them you have to repeat yourself over and over again. And then it still won't recognize the word, you have to go and spell it.

You cannot train a word. It often adds words. Sometimes when you go to correct in the word in the middle of a sentence. It adds a bunch of garbage on the end of what was said. You cannot train the software with documents that have already been written.

Daniel Weinberger says:

This is 2009…. weird….. nice multi moniter setup for that time. … and I tried this in win 8.1 pro, I would not work for me, but seeing it listen to you was bloody kewl

btw1911 says:

I agree the tutorial is really pretty great.  I'm using speech recognition now with a cheap old desktop microphone.  I guess I never tried if b4 because I expected it to be free junk s/w with the o/s.  Actually I keep saying to myself, 'this is from Microsoft?? I'm still in shock, it works very well.  Thanks for the video!  

Daniel Middleman says:

Can't wait to try this. Love the three-monitor setup. And the hanging motherboards.

moebius says:

It is terrible.  I'm sorry, but it gets everything wrong.  I've tried 3 different mics, at a variety of levels, from a variety of distances and angles, I even completed the training twice, and it still can barely understand me.  Commands work fine (most the time), but for narration it is worthless.  I could spend 15 minutes trying to get it to spell "text" and it just won't.  I have never had it be able to spell text, even using the "Spell It" feature.  

I'm a VERY articulate speaker, so I'm at a loss as to why it is so terrible.

Nem says:

I like your phone from 1985. Oh and speech recognition is good. I used it to type this comment. pretty sweet

I'm the captain now says:

It won't work 100% right away, u have to talk a lot so computer remembers your dictation better, if you talk like a robot or one word at a time clearly it will remember you like that, try talking your usual self, it will take longer but it is far easier. It's easier to open programs that are in start menu and maybe on the desktop if u can't find it right away, unless it's something you use every day and know it's position.

Ograws says:

Would having a good microphone both built in and not help?

wldhrt4evr says:

Jason I have a vaio 2009 with built in mic/ speaker which works fine. voice rec. use to work before I upgraded vista to 7. i can start and the command prompts at the time "listening" but it does not hear me. I have tried to set up the microphone but when i get to the "peter-phrase" it does not hear me, so i am not allow to continue the set up. i tried the speaker test as well and it does not hear me. please help!

ElasticRaven says:

Maybe half an hour to 45 minutes? That means you don't have the slightest clue what you are talking about. Yet over 250k people got shafted into watching this video.

Humanity is so pathetic it takes significant, even mind-boggling biological safeguards to carry on with life. The reason we're so easily taken advantage of is because we are so easily distracted. This is video a perfect example.

Zorisx says:

increase microphone volume and make sure there is no static or interference on the mic. Don't use a crap mic.

Mario Archanjo Cavalcante says:

Hello, friend. Is there already a version of this software for Windows 8?
Does it work in Portuguese?

Trọng Nguyễn Hoàng says:

me too! just "what was that"" again and again so many times:)

Khoa Nguyễn says:

I tried this before. It's a little stupid
10 first minutes, I spoke like a robot. It worked well
20 minutes later, a professional mc,
30 minutes later…
1 hour later, my microphone flew straight into the trash can cuz I said "start listening" like, so many times and it was just "sleeping" and "what was that?"
ps: I'm Vietnamese, my pronunciation isn't very well
May be that's why it didn't work?

Drew EX says:

Using a headset is pretty cool as well. I love my windows 8 voice recognition.

dogfightvj says:

it's shit, i have it for 3 days and i've been trying to use it searching for commands and the shit doesn't do anything, the tutorial worked perfect but after that it became crap

Jon Smith says:

Wow Windows 7 has speech recognition? That is awesome! Except that Ubuntu has had speech recognition for about 10 years now…

HDGURU100 says:

i discover same way i wanted try xbox mic, couse its digital, its better then my real pc mic.

MrBazinga48 says:

he looks like bill gates when he was in his adolescence.

Allen Bernard says:

Good job kid! Thanks!

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