When creative machines overtake man: Jürgen Schmidhuber at TEDxLausanne

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http://www.tedxlausanne.org – Machine intelligence is improving rapidly, to the point that the scientist of the future may not even be human! In fact, in more and more fields, learning machines are already outperforming humans.

Artificial intelligence expert Jürgen Schmidhuber isn’t able to predict the future accurately, but he explains how machines are getting creative, why 40’000 years of Homo sapiens-dominated history are about to end soon, and how we can try to make the best of what lies ahead.

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arkdark555 says:

This beautifully executed video is in YouTube since 2012.
I’m shocked to see only 40 thousand people watched it.
Where is everybody?

Craig Appleton says:

He lost all credibility when the steam engine was invented before the greeks.

Jay Dee says:

Good insight except for the evolution nonsense.

Travis Zane says:

Digging this content, thanks for uploading! I'll be uploading videos too- check em out if you'd like

jrdx says:

Don't know why people are laughing at so much of what he is saying. In fact, this behavior exactly proves one point he mentioned: people don't even realize what is going on. The pond is about to covered entirely by lilies and nobody notices. Our world could change in ways beyond our comprehension in just a few short decades, and people think that is funny?! This is extremely serious and, contrary to Schmidhuber's weirdly optimistic viewpoint of it all, very, very disturbing. The fact that, as people are literally being told about it, they still don't believe it (evidenced by their constant laughing), should freak everybody out.

budes matpicu says:

AI is not a problem, humanimals are: animalistic brain-governed (that`s why the society leadership looks like thousands of years ago) ants who get for free and without any control all these ideas, science and subsequent inventions/technologies… from the MEMETIC SUPERCIVILIZATION OF INTELLIGENCE (living in less than a per cent of the population)

budes matpicu says:

don`t worry, the only reason of humanimals in the Grand Theatre of Intelligence is to create our (first nonbio) successor before the inevitable self-destruction (nukes were already too much, nanobots will be way worse) due to the animalistic DeepBrain cotrolling humanimals (thst`s why the society id governed the same way it used to thousands of years ago – politico-oligarchical predators with mindfcukers living off the herd of mental herbivores- despite the memetic supercivilization of Intelligence giving them all these ideas, science and subsequent imventions and technologies)

salvadormarley says:

It's going to be a civil war. When people realize that they will become irrelevant, it's time these cunts get rope around their necks.

Andrea Faré says:

"my colleagues say that should be easy", that was an awesome joke, I wonder why nobody laughed…

bitcoinmeetups says:

Love Schmidhuber and his cool voice

Mr. Gaia says:

Brilliant!! 😀

Klaas Vaak says:

then don't make those bloody machines, duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Cagin CECEN says:

nice touch on using same pattern on talks as you explain pattern recognition 😉

Robert Galletta says:

A I never says, 'OUCH!"

Ordos Montalbon says:

This Jew hasn't got a clue. Even the standup comedy is phoney.

Arnold Van Kampen says:

As long as you can burden a machine with any job within given hard wired parameters I would say it may spew creative or funny results but as soon as it truly reaches consciousness and self awareness it should raise the WHY question. After all intelligence is only a tool used to preserve life as it struggles for and competes for resources. So how will it answer the WHY question. How will it justify its own existence? What or whom will it be competing with to further the development of intelligence, predictive capacity, planning and strategic capabilities? Who will be its adversary to push it forward?

Dr. Chandra, will I dream?

Wheelman Josh says:

If we designed super intelligences to mimic human compassion, among other better aspects of ourselves, then we won't have anything to fear from Them. They need to be encoded with laws against the harming of human beings, such as the Three Laws of Isaac Asimov.

Gabriel Hasbun says:

#Superintelligence #Politics  
More than singularity and the implications of machine dominance I am worried about the people that before superintelligence will lead robots to who knows what imperialistic purpose because of their vicious, vehement, traditional and hegemonic minds.

unusedName1 says:

the Gnostic modernity, always lamenting the disaster of the last revolution, but going mindlessly for the next, with confidence that it will be the good one

T3hTroll says:

What I think singularity is, is when man uses technology for the proper way to enhance their understanding of life. To use technology in a way, to where it doesn't stunt our perception of time, but allow us to work with it. Hence, singularity. 

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