What Will Happen Before 2120? | Unveiled

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The next 100 years could be the most important in all of human history. With massive technological advancements on the horizon, we could completely change our way of life… and Earth could be a totally different place! From CRISPR technology to the AI singularity, in this video Unveiled discovers the most incredible, amazing, innovative and unbelievable changes predicted to happen in the next century!

This is Unveiled, giving you incredible answers to extraordinary questions!

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Unveiled says:

What do you think is most likely to have happened before they year 2120?

Holly DeKatt says:

If those robots get out of control, just unplug them or squirt them with water.

Chi Pa Pa says:

Mental telepathy is a bad idea. You don't want to know what I'm thinking, you will just blush scarlet and call me a pervert.

maxim yakovlev says:

Call of duty infinite warfare will happen

BroodingShark98 says:

There will be another pandemic like the last ones which are exactly 100 years ago

generasi tanpa micin says:

2020 : covid-19
2120 : prepare ur self & ur family dude

noted from people in 2020

Violinist Viddy says:

will there be shrek 5?

A. Chin says:

The world population in 2120 will have been declining.

A. Chin says:

I will be 113 years old by then.

Jenny Cooper says:

I'll probably be dead by 2120. And happy to be so after seeing how imoral and useless our current generation has become.

Hodan Nur says:

Uhhhhhhhuhhhhuhu h huhhhuhuhuhuhuuhuuh uhuhuhyuhuhuh

Sterlin Silver says:

Ya know… Stuff

ClownGaming RB says:

the Virus is hellping us so we dont die from water and stuff and look at each other

Reaper says:

Damn I will be death by then 😯

Ujjwal Raj says:

Gaming must still exist even after brain ai implant

{angel_ queen} says:

I watched a vedio of guy and he said he is scientists and he traveled in 2045 its to long before 2045 i think i can believed him or not he is working a machine and technology i think hes telling truth and he said everybody will be robot and he said all of people will go to mars and thats it i think its 5:30 mins i didn't watch until end bc i watch that last night

Ruthenian Mapping says:

In 2120 there will be another virus because
1920: Spanish flu
2020: covid 19
2120: (unnamed virus)

MK Loves says:

Another Pandemic?



yves Paris says:

2150 10% of life on earth will survive and the end of our word.

Aprilia Crew says:

Ai is disaster for humanity. Unveiled you must do some research about how bad AI would be for humanity.

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