What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

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What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution? And what has it to do with ensuring safe and beneficial technology innovation?

Risk Bites takes a look at how emerging and converging technologies are radically changing our world, and the unique challenges and opportunities that we’re facing as a result. These include the challenges of socially responsible innovation, regulation and governance, ensuring the benefits of advanced manufacturing capabilities, and grappling with the ethics of innovation.

(The 4th industrial revolution is sometimes referred to as Industry 4.0, or Industrie 4.0)

Visit ASU’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society at http://sfis.asu.edu for more information on research and education programs focusing on science, technology and the future

School for the Future of Innovation in Society, Arizona State University http://sfis.asu.edu

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Risk Bites videos are devised, created and produced by Andrew Maynard, in association with the Arizona State University School for the Future of Innovation in Society (http://sfis.asu.edu). They focus on issues ranging from risk assessment and evidence-based decision making, to the challenges associated with emerging technologies and opportunities presented by public interest technology.

Risk Bites videos are produced under a Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA

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Risk Bites is your guide to making sense of risk. We cover everything from understanding and balancing the risks and benefits of everyday products, to health science more broadly, to the potential impacts of emerging technologies, to making sense of risk perception. If you enjoy our videos, please subscribe, and spread the word!


Kalydosos says:

In my small opinion some things discussed in this video are a bit frightening, like doing things responsibly with the new technology? I end up thinking, about what happened after gunpowder and the splitting of the atom two technologies one that lead to another. Millions enslaved and slaughtered in the process I'm not sure if that is progress if we do meet aliens from another part of our Milky Way Galaxy because of the fourth Industrial revolution those aliens better be very good at violence not peaceful or they'll end up like the Tasmanians. By that time I fear half the planet will be gone and I mean the humans with high fertility with no means of defending themselves against the future onslaught planned for them or maybe A.I. thinks "bollocks I'll get rid of the lot of em!"

The Instigators says:

Due to this many will lose jobs. In fact, in India many companies have minimised the labour force. And moved towards automation. So, in coming years, I think there will be social war where one will fight for survival and other side will fight for money. Because this automation will mostly benefit the manufacturer.

John Batchler says:

I wait and see how ur experts do this I'll be setting up heads and tails in combinatorics math on what possiblity outcome I'm still missing parts

Daily life taste says:

many thanks for sharing !

Emlin Nabua says:

Risk Bites: #ASEAN Briefing'.

Andrew K says:

Non evidence based hyperbole overload.

shristi upadhyay says:

amazing presentation helps me😊%💯perfect😎

Reddy Santhosh says:

Super maccha

Kunjambu K says:

Plz upload video in Malayalam

Latha Rani says:

plz teatch in kannada thanks

Umeshagouda Timmanagoudar says:

IR4 in Kannada sir

Ahad Ali says:

Thank you, sir, please do you expect any nexus between 4IR, spirituality, and faith

Ryan Rodrigues says:

This all took thousands of years for us to reach where we are today. Don't make it sound as if from fire to artificial intelligence it took just one day of human civilization.

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