What are the 7 most dangerous technology trends in 2020?

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In this video I outline the 7 scariest or most dangerous technology trends we all need to get ready for.

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Lanying Liu says:

Good old times. Let's all go back to the old times and eat one another, literally.

olternaut says:

I like the drone design from the movie Oblivion. I find them especially vicious.

The Risk Experience Podcast says:

Great detail and insightful

friya lym says:

trump is killing Iran families and kids ,no one talk about that

TickleMonster97 says:


George Schlaline says:

Getting ready for the Beast

NOC1TIME says:

I have to share a conversion we had at the office last week.
We began taking about having a phone conversation with someone. Landline or cell. A product or service is being tossed around. A short time later we find our selfs on Google or email.
To find ad's for that very same product or service without searching at all. Wow. And we are worried about "Big Brother. If Big Brother were doing this.
Then they could get in front of a lot of crime. lol They need warrant to do it.
We may get to the point, or actually be at the point of anything personal in nature. Don't type it into a computer, or say it on the phone. Leading to a giant step backwards.
Like before any phones at all.
Do we need to have face to face conversations only outdoors ? Some dark and sobering times indeed. Are we forced to become technology outlaws. It would save a lot of money .
Like many Boomers I have went kicking and scratching into modernity. Maybe I was onto something lmao. I see technology as a five mile walk for a two block trip.
But man the ITMS guys are pulling down the cash.

tarees bin muzammil says:

Addressed to everyone… oK BoOmEr

Rafael Gabriel Santos says:

And TRUMP has proven to be effective by killing an innocent person in Iran..gosh….

tom hurley says:

ounce the technology can destroy and control people with little human help the elite will do exactly that i would say 20 years max and the human race will be vastly reduced to just a slave population

no pe says:

just don't have faith in humanity to ever do the right thing, so when you say we need to be careful, forget it, we are screwed

Te Ra says:

Awesome, thanks for that Bernard.. scary stuff, we need to be more aware of the potential of technology especially that of Ai.. have already subscribed to your website..

Arc says:

Hate to be negative, but what did we think was going to happen with the creation and concerted development of AI. That cat is already out-of-the-bag. Especially when our societies and cultures are built around gaining wealth and power.
Tie that in with the human laziness of not wanting to program instructions (machine learning), or go to a PC to look up movie time, or discounts on milk, its kind of late to now be concerned.
I have been concerned about this since the mid 80s when "convenience" technologies took off (cell phones, robot workers, etc) Yet the adults that were children at that time see this as "normal'.
There are youtube videos that show teenagers struggling to make a simple phone call on a rotary phone. Can you make that call? do you even know what a rotary phone is?

Marcel Patrice Talleyrand says:

It is falacious to look at the chinese Gvt use of technology with the eyes of the westerner because westerners only know the perspective of their own societies.
Yes the technologies are scary because of all they "could" allow but they are only as dangerous as our motivations push them. Nuclear energy can be either used for the better good of all or for the distruction of all.
It is thus imperative to work on aligning our motivations for the better good of all.

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