Understanding Artificial Intelligence and Its Future | Neil Nie | TEDxDeerfield

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Neil Nie demonstrates how artificial intelligence--and particularly, object recognition--works... and how it will effect the future.

Neil Nie is a computer science student at Deerfield Academy. He started programming when he was 13 and has developed many applications for iPhones and Macs. Neil currently has several apps on the App Store and is researching neural networks and machine learning.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx


Nathan Okun says:

The problem with visual interpretation or anything else we train an AI system to do is that we have built-in biases that we do not even realize that we have. It is necessary to get around such biases and REALLY try to understand how an AI system that KNOWS NOTHING WHATSOEVER WHEN IT STARTS UP will interpret whatever we use to train it. It is not that it will not do what we want it to do if we train it properly, we have to MAKE SURE that it DOES NOTHING ELSE!!! It is that last that is going to make or break our relationship with AI of a general-purpose human or higher type. There are lots of good Sci-Fi novels/short stories/movies/TV shows about how this was not done correctly and the results were "less than satisfactory" (as in THE TERMINATOR or HORIZON ZERO DAWN or FORBIDDEN PLANET. to name just a very few). The trouble is that if we get it wrong the first attempt, we may not have time to fix it before very bad things happen…

Wen Huang says:

Love how you make it clear and easy to comprehend. Thanks for this great lecture.

Lee Amra says:

I am disgusted by how evolution is shoved into our throats every damn speech!

Negin Ehsan Jawid says:

He’s cute

ette victoria says:

Am seeing a future in AI…..

Jake Kiddall says:

Sooo…umm…whens the smart stuff happen?

cableaddict says:

Did this guy actually say anything technical? Anything at all?

jameslpoole says:

video games need better AI

Super Intelligence says:

That's the best algorithm I've seen so far. Make a presentation. A meaningful one. then at the end you say thank you and you expect the audience to clap their hands.

Suman Dasgupta says:

the joy I see in the face while imagining the future is perhaps very conditioned … its not practical … the downside is pretty scary

Exception Handler says:

we follow his thoughts. his thoughts are ours

Exception Handler says:

we are in future

Mrgiraffe100 says:

Neil Nie….. The Science Guys!

beatnuts1uk says:

This is a great presentation. Thanks Neil!

v Bremont says:

you can communicate with the machine, rather let the machine communicate with you, Electrons talk, machines talk to themselves, among themselves. they communicate, on the micro world. human cells do that. so electrons neurons is just a big society of very small elements that might want to say something to the very large agreement .

Pawan Pareek says:

How can you say that A.I. won't replace Biological intelligence ?

Glenn Robards says:

The universe is in the firmament.
It's not what you have been told.
Earth is NOT a planet.
Earth is flat and stationary.
Planets are wandering stars in the firmament.
Stars are the hands of God's Rolex.
You know that you can NOT see or feel earth rotate. (OBSERVABLE)
It's impossible for earth to be rotating because earth doesn't have the ramifications of said rotation.

Onkendi Peter says:

That was an great presentation. Very candid and articulate.

Lucia Chamu says:

wow it is so magnifience, but God Almigty made man at his immage and semejance. so man never, never will have something more perfect than God.

herodog1 says:

what happens to humans if we ask artificial intelligence to solve the overpopulation problem?

Chitra C says:

If AI can find a cure Cerebral Palsy, eradicate poverty, make all children of this world happy and hopeful, bring Peace and Harmony in this world and make everyone understand what they are for the greater good, I am all for it.

Nilesh Thombre says:

I think ROBOT movie is going to true one day!
No need of Exam as AI will decide who can be PASS 🙂
EVM machine will also declare result before election 🙂
AI nothing but knowing before you doing 🙂

Derek Poland says:

Will I encourage a supreme artificial intelligence to vaporize me if I persistently call it IA?

Peace450 says:

Wow, it's amazing how his opening statement is a remarkable lie. Has he never heard of ancient technology? Has he never heard of the Antikythera mechanism? I know he's trying to set the stage for his thesis, but let's be accurate in what we say.

Karen Cobleigh says:

No I don't agree!!!!

starbase five says:


Steve Mackay says:

The most succinct and clearest explanation of AI I've ever sen. Many thanks! And it's quite comprehensive too.

Isla Davies says:

does he get funded by google by any chance……..

AlastairDream says:

"Say hi to the camera :)"
silent cries of social rejection

Rene T St Jacques says:

Excellent .. thank you Neil Nie ..!!

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