The Rise Of The Robots… with Martin Ford

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In just a few year’s time, it will be the year 2025, and that is the year the world will change forever?

Why? Because 2025 is when your computer will have the same processing power as the human brain.

And then just 18 months later, it will be twice as fast, and then 18 months later, four times faster, as Moore’s law continues its exponential rise.

Combined with the recent developments in AI and physical robotics, the world is about to change in a way that’s difficult to comprehend.

The careers of Driver’s, Doctor’s, lawyers, financial advisors, customer service agents, teachers, truckers, soldiers, and more are all at risk of disappearing within the next 15 years.

Which poses an incredible question when you realize that there will be around 8 billion people on the planet, who all need work, who all need to earn a living, and who all need a purpose.

What will my six year old son Chase possibly be able to do in 20 years, that a superhuman robot can’t? What will your children do, and what will you do?

What can you do today to create financial security for yourself and your children in a world without jobs?

The time to start thinking strategically about these changes is now, because your future will not look like your parent’s.

To help us navigate what’s to come, we’re joined by Silicon Valley CEO, and author of the New York Times Best-Selling book, Rise of The Robots, Martin Ford.


James Rice says:

Great episode! What worries me is the vicious circle I see happening: The pressures of automation and inequality cause the emergence of illiterate populists who then delay and block the policies that are required (universal health care, higher corporate taxes, universal basic income, free education for all, etc.).

movie guy99 says:

I don't know how anyone can be doubting this. He talks about only exceptional individuals with great skills and high levels of education being able to find work. No need to speculate on this…we are pretty much already there. All you ever hear about is that we still have jobs…in the STEM fields!!! Oh those jobs? The ones where you have to take Calculus, Physics, Trigonometry and who knows what else insanely difficult stuff. Those are some of the only jobs left that are worth a damn already. Um sorry that I can't become a chemical engineer or an anesthesiologist.

mario andreas says:

Great episode Mike👌🏽

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