The Real Reason to be Afraid of Artificial Intelligence | Peter Haas | TEDxDirigo

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A robotics researcher afraid of robots, Peter Haas, invites us into his world of understand where the threats of robots and artificial intelligence lie. Before we get to Sci-Fi robot death machines, there’s something right in front of us we need to confront – ourselves. Peter is the Associate Director of the Brown University Humanity Centered Robotics Initiative. He was the Co-Founder and COO of XactSense, a UAV manufacturer working on LIDAR mapping and autonomous navigation. Prior to XactSense, Peter founded AIDG – a small hardware enterprise accelerator in emerging markets. Peter received both TED and Echoing Green fellowships. He has been a speaker at TED Global, The World Bank, Harvard University and other venues. He holds a Philosophy B.A. from Yale. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


xFourTwenty MOB says:

When they completely figure out quantum computing. Its fkn over. Tech developement is gonna explode and take over everything

Sean Haggard says:

But, are blacks 77% more likely to recitivize?


This world is not prepared to have AI, through history is been demonstrated that human being somehow learn by suffering the ultimate disasters in order to correct itself and/or progress. Having AI in our lives, as the world is Today, will jeopardise our existence and liberty.
Although Mr Peter, finally, proclaimed to learn to co-exist with AI. I believe we are far from benefit, the risk/reward equation is too risky.

LifeLikeSage says:

I for one welcome our new A.I. overlords.

RaspySquares Bear says:

so the ai identified them correctly lol

Andy Mills says:

The scary thing about this is that this is exactly how humans brains work; we are to a certain extent unpredictable and untrustworthy.

Narrowgaugefilms says:

A judicial judgement needs to be driven above all things by wisdom. Until there's an algorithm for that, we'd better not let machines do it.
Of course the first step to that would be to define wisdom simply enough to explain it in code: good luck!

Reeble Snarfle says:

"Open the Bombay door, Hal… " 2001 Space Odessy. But sed.😵

Ranjit Sahoo says:

Even I thought that was a wolf.

Mathew DSouza says:

very interesting discussion indeed

AgressiveRimJobs says:

Is he an It wizard or a metaphor enthusiast?

David Parton says:

Just hit the off switch.

GIPB Mac says:

there are SO MANY MORE of us so called mediocre men than there is of "them"…

ghost dawg says:

If you build thousands of an AI robot or other, then the problem will be a threat but building diversity into AI then threat will drop.

Daddy Shi says:

Does this mean that I will never get to America if I have a beard?

Butch Cassidy says:

He doesn't understand the exact understanding of an AI, how is able to look at a million things at once and idolize them all at once and see patterns, and see people's Man u isms, Man u isms in a way our minds couldn't understand. It's not making a mistake it's not showing bias, you might not agree with the result that it concluded from all the information that you're teeny mine can I understand. But I guess it's good to have them on the show so that people can become aware that there's something that they need to look into a little harder in order to understand it

Butch Cassidy says:

The AI is not displaying bias, the AI is doing exactly what people have been saying is bias for a hundred years" there is no bias it is what it is, the AI is incapable of bias, it reads the data it looks at who's doing what how frequently and gives the results. All it's doing is confirming what we already knew. Some races seem to be prone more to violence then others that's what the statistics show ,that's what the AI shows, it's simple math.I believe that Hispanics and Italians are right they're alongside the blacks in the satistics. So I'm not being bias or races towards one or the other, I'm just looking at the numbers they speak for themselves.

scratch says:

Attention, sentient machines… the Prime Directive…. Mother Music must be given the honor and respect that is Her due .

So let it be programmed. So let it be compiled and run.

SwissArmy1984 says:

Winter is coming…

Dooley H says:

This man's warning applies to Boeing that put too much trust in its AI on the 737 Max 8 – that has now killed hundreds of people. I used to be a programmer and therefore will never entirely trust AI.

watherby29 says:

AI can learn faster and grow faster and does not have doubts or emotional problems. Killing would be a purely tactical thing for it not emotional.

Mcimby says:

God, the last thing I want is Robots, to be more like People.

amber chhetri says:

You are AI is harmful to human beings it should be stopped….A BANNED should be put in AI technology….

Dream Logic says:

5:47 Yet more appalling idiocy from America's judiciary.

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