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Drew Dougherty discusses the Texans 2020 Schedule and the newest class of rookies.

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Reel Dreamz TV says:

You have the most dynamic entertaining highlight reel QB in the league, over Mahomes and Jackson and he gets no primetime games after opening night?! Not to mention no potential primetime games at home? Why is the league punishing their brightest star, fans and their own brand? Because they hate Deshaun or is it Bill Obrien, who single-handedly is ruining this once in a generation QB talent and the team! Whoever produce this schedule will see a decline in viewership and YouTube will benefit as the only place to see highlights of DW4's games! This is sickening and someone should have to answer for it! Watson's games are what people pay good money to see and his highlight reel is superior to anyone else including the past two league MVPs! So disappointing after coming back to NFL after the Kaep boycott and he should be playing and Cam Newton should be starting on any number of teams (Jaguars, Colts, Miami, Chargers, Raiders, Panthers, Patriots, Broncos, Bears, etc.) He and Colin are better than every starter for those teams, I'll give Bridgewater some love he's earned his spot but the rest of these backups are overvalued and overpaid. Taysom Hill gets $20M for what?! Tannehill gets released by Miami and gets $100+ M from Titans for half a season where the RB carried the team and Dak can't get a contract from the richest franchise in the league, maybe the world?! Are you guys going to say anything about it?! Same old __ different year! Pay college bball & football players and hire some Black coaches and execs for college and pro and get some Black ownership in leagues that live off our talent!!

sunofsun1969 says:

Texans are screwed, schedule looks awful. Texans 7 – 9

Yonathan Jaramillo says:

J. Clowney…???

Yonathan Jaramillo says:

Estamos unidos…!!! Vamos HOUSTON…!!!

Texas Red Nation says:

Thank the Lord for a new OC and DC and adding speed on both sides of the ball. The 3 most popular will all meet again early. Pat Mahomes Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson.

NF Gio says:

Texans are not going to Super Bowl any time soon 😔

Jacob Battle says:

I'm looking for the last almond i put in my oatmeal

(edit): I already ate it

milce arry says:

Texans should look at AB


14-2 if everyone is healthy but if somebody is injured 11-5

Pedro L says:

We’re about to spoiled ring night

Ivan Alvarado says:

Bruh Drew’s smile at the end of the interview with Bill 😂

Cody Weaver says:

When you realize D-Hop wanted to leave the Texans just so he could play against Jalen Ramsey twice a year

tulsi gabbard 2024 says:

He really just went there.. "Everywhere a chief chief". 😷😂

Ricardo Rodriguez Jr says:

Why the texans not playing a Sunday night or Monday night games

ROD MC. says:

Imagine having Andy Reid as HC in H-Town, damn…just imagine

XD Animations says:

Wassup texans

Hriscu Mihai says:

Carew of conglomeration

Chris Ketchem says:

13-3 bye week conference championship. Lets get it. Lets get some payback in week 1. Watson vs Mahomes Watson vs Lamar Watson vs Burrow. This is gonna be exciting.

BGI Gang says:

I think the least they will have is 10-6 but my guess is 13-3

Tim Ryan says:

Fire O'Brien!

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