When we want to solve a complicated math problem quickly and accurately, many of us will turn to a calculator without thinking twice. But would you want a machine determining the outcome of a complex legal case? This is the question Jaerin Jo got hung up on after participating in a debate about AI at her school. Jaerin's own father is a judge in South Korea, and imagining a future where robots preside over courtrooms brought up many brain-twisting questions about the appropriate uses of AI and the nature of justice itself. This thought-provoking Talk imagines what an AI justice system might look like, and asks you to consider how you would participate in it.

This Talk was given at TED-Ed Weekend in New York City.

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Lokke her talk will touch on the positive and negative aspects of artificial intelligence. She’ll illustrate AI’s profound impact on increasing awareness to human bias.
Prof. Lokke Moerel is among the world’s best-known data privacy lawyers consistently ranked as a leader in her field by publications including Chambers Global and Legal 500. Her work with large US tech giants on their strategic privacy and ethical issues has made her an expert on big data and artificial intelligence (AI). She is part of the global privacy & cybersecurity team of the technology-focused US law firm Morrison & Foerster, and also a professor of Global ICT law at Tilburg University. In addition, Moerel is a member of the Dutch Cyber Security Council (the advisory body of the Dutch cabinet on cybersecurity) and, in 2016, was appointed as co-author of the annual public advice to the Dutch government on behalf of the Dutch Lawyers Society (under auspices of the Dutch Supreme Court) on Big Data and the Internet of Things. Lokke Moerel’s TEDxAmsterdamWomen 2017 talk will touch on the positive and negative aspects of artificial intelligence. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

Artificial intelligence will change lives in many ways. Already, AI solutions are being deployed and having significant impact in healthcare. Daniel Kraft, MD, Chair for Medicine, Singularity University, shares his expert views on how significant this technology will be in finding the right diagnosis and therapies and shifting the ‘practice’ of medicine to the real ‘science’ of medicine.



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