Sofia| First Robot as a Citizen of Saudi Arabia| Artificial Intelligence| Future Perspective

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FABIO999able says:

Can she give head?

Destine Mbala says:

But….. the world is overpopulated! We DON'T need extra. This is a robot, I'm not respected this man-made thing. Many many people are treated less than human, and this robot is being treated like a human! Why did they make this?!!!!


She is programmed robot not intelligent not AI robot

Asma Asma Asma says:

I don’t agree with this type of stupidity
No one can replace an human

•Haily GachaYT• says:

I think this robot has cancer 😂 😂

Not Q says:

Saudi Arabia? She will be stoned to death if she engages in adultery.

I don't know if she will be forced to wear a hijab.

SAURABH suman says:

This is fake Robert..

Flip Side says:

Yet they have a woman robot but not actual wwe women to wrestle in Saudi Arabia

Alpha SkyRayz says:

Iron does not mixed with clay

Active Tamal says:

Elon should build his own Terminator to save humanity.

Roel Padon says:

This is a joke..😂

Bowin Rudy says:

They way I see it they want robots to work instead if people you don't have to pay computers and robots. Funny how they will figure our what thy are cappiable without emotions. The Irony of thing's!

Michael Dablin says:

This isn't an amazing feat in human technology the day a robot creates itself and gives itself intelligence I will be scared of a i.

Saiden Latiph says:

OMG fantastic😊

leonard Larrisey says:

I want to see a robot cry , and laugh and very upset ..when a robot smiles it's already.programmed in. It doesn't understand humor , music ., love, hate and all things good and bad that makes us human, and it never will

ليالي ورد says:

يالله ما أجملها 😍😍

tanxman says:

I got a human arm now.

Kimo says:

actually there is a real woman inside this robot .. and she pretend to be a robot .. made Arabs fool once more 🙂

Ruben says:

The Lucy of A.I

KEVIN Verret says:

Does she pay taxe?


God makes Man..Man has become..God Now

Gk Gk7 says:

Robots will reigns da world

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