Shaping a 21st Century Workforce – Is AI Friend or Foe?

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0:30 - Introduction by Rui de Figueiredo
5:04 - Main Talk - Jennifer Granholm
51:18 - Audience Questions

Jennifer Granholm, former Governor of Michigan, identifies some of the most interesting policy ideas to address the problems of displaced workers, the skills gap and resulting inequality in an age of robots and artificial intelligence. Granholm teaches Public Policy at UC Berkeley’s Goldman School and is the chair of the American Jobs Project, a multi-state research initiative on creating industrial clusters in clean energy. Recorded on 11/09/2018. Series: "UC Berkeley Graduate Lectures" [1/2019] [Show ID: 34013]


eottoe2001 says:

With all that automation, that is why there are so many jobs in Michigan now. 😉

Anon Viewer says:

24:20 Customer-facing jobs are difficult to fully automate at the moment. Whether it will happen (and if so, when) is an open question.
25:00 Jevons Paradox may be good for employment, but not for the environment.
35:25 Apprenticeships: what was medieval is now modern.

day tripper says:

AI don't pay taxes, you dumb shit.

Gregg_J says:

awesome presentation!!!

creamsykle says:

Personally i use the self checkout, or the self ordering machines in my local McDonalds and Taco Bell as often as possible.

Gilles Milaire says:

This is a very strange talk, the last 40 years we have seen unemployment or more precisely labor participation rate has steadily dropped. Dystopian past, present and future.

Henry Cunha says:

This was surprisingly bad. Didn't expect it from a university-based entity.

Jonathan Gibson says:

Fresh insights from a politician actually grappling with these issues, even if many are less-than impressed with her overall vision. Not everyone is guru-driven. Flint water-poisoning didn’t happen under her stewardship. I see practical thinking to long-running changes in commerce, productivity and society.

Gerard Trigo says:

Black Smiths and Farriers with the rise of the Automobile. I think she is a tad over optimistic.

ManicPandaz says:

In only 6 years, half of all labour jobs will be automated lol. That doesn't make any sense. Shipping jobs over seas is not the same as automation. We currently don't have machines that can do such unspecified work as low paid humans. Such machines would have to be invented, designed, tested, regulated, manufactured, widely accepted, bought and installed. All in 6 years apparently… Not to mentions that would collapse our entire economy. Which is why 6 years is impossible. Maybe 50 years this could happen. Saying 6 years is a chicken little "the sky is falling" paranoia.

Scott Davis says:

So, there's no reason to get all NAZI, and begin hating on the "other".

David Hume says:

Low insight. Just a parade of stats.

4TheRecord says:

So we have an increase in crime to look forward to in the future. When all these jobs no longer exist how is anyone going to make any money and who's going to be able to buy the products and services?

James Sutherland says:

It will never have the heart and soul to do my job tho..

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