Scottish Elevator – Voice Recognition – ELEVEN !

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Funny Clip From Burnsitown The Programme Elevator Clip - The 2 Guys Cant Get The Voice Recognition Thing In The Elevator To Work Hilarious ! !


You Know Who says:

When it told them to say open the doors please and he raised his eyebrows I thought that was him realising since it doesn't understand them he can't even do that and they are stuck in there ๐Ÿ˜‚

Unays Sheikh says:

Turn on subs ๐Ÿ˜‚

Jin Kim says:

hilarious!!HAHAHA what about asian dude accent?

jordan fraser says:

Scotland ye forever..good stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

jordan fraser says:

flaccid tadger this is good

Briseur De Lance says:

"Where in America is that? Dublin?" ^^

Dedusmuln says:

trying to use wolfram alpha for homework be like

Nat Mansfield says:

Hahaha ELEVEN is lift in Spanish. ๐Ÿ˜‚ The irony.

Pratik Bharati says:


Bri Ram says:

To my American ears, his accent sounded like he was from the South, not Ireland.

imslim says:

i love him?

ericyanikov says:

I'm Russian. Wonder what could happen there with my accent… ๐Ÿ™‚

Jitendra prabhu says:

Auto generated captions

11= I love it

BigHammyy says:

Holy fuck thatโ€™s true

Abigail McKern says:

utterly brilliant. Says EVERYTHING about modern life!

Jay Chu says:

Tired with today's Google modern Auto generated English subtitles. They did recognize 11 well! But nothing else! Did they mark this voice clip and input to their ML algorithm as a sample? XD

FuzWoozAnt SFM says:

my parents keep watching this from time to time lol

Levo GAMES says:

1) Get your phone out
2) Open google translate and type: 11
3) Max volume, hold close to speaker and let google read it

President Kudsi says:

There accents are pretty soft for Scotsmen.

ReverendSyn says:

I don't see what the elevator's problem is. it's exceedingly clear what they're saying.

mookateer says:

did not laugh once..

Grim Jxmieee says:

Elevator: If you want to open the door Say โ€œopen the doors please.โ€
Scottish Guy: โ€œPlease?, Please?, Suck my wallyโ€

Connor McLernon says:

3:13 huh so thatโ€™s where America got it from

eyewars says:

The guy in black sounds exactly like David Tennant lol

furz kolio says:

@2min she said this is a voice activated allagator

Sim says:

Can't they just say ten and take the stairs from there?

Osa Yae says:

i looooooove scottish accent xD

Mensur Bin Ubeyde says:

Very funny.

I laughed with high sound.

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