Ray Kurzweil Keynote on MaeKyung(MK) Silicon Valley Forum 2017 #MKSVF

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Futurist Ray Kurzweil deliver keynote speech on MKSVF, MaeKyung Silicon Valley Forum. In his speech he predict how human intelligence merge with computers and longevity of human life.


이슈이터 says:

한국어 자막 부탁!!!

Дима Жужиев says:

переведите на русский пожалуиста

Faith says:

RAY – MAKE NO MISTAKE!!!We Will Not Compromise! We Will Not Comply! We Will Not Submit! We Will Not Break! We Will Not Roll Over! We Will Not Sit Down! We Will Not Shut Up! We Will Not Go Quietly! We Will Not Give Up! We Will Not Surrender! We Will Stand For Truth! We Will Protect The Innocent! We Will Defend Our Family To The Death! We Love Peace, But We Are A Fierce Enemy! We Will Fight For Christ! We Will Die For Christ! The Army Of GOD ✞ you are destined for hell dude… repent and live a real life

Mark J. Kim says:

This fucking cameramen doesn't show us the powerpoint screen. WTF??

yuv per says:

it would be really nice if when he shows a graph we could actually see what he speaks of…

Jean Paul Azzurro says:

Great that Ray is mentioning the Universal Basic Income (UBI), thats what millions of people desperatily are waiting for. In my opinion, there are more or less only two possible outcomes for the near future….either people have security and freedom of choice, and more importantly, freedom to say NO, or we will have a totalitarian, supressing police state ….if you consider what has happenend in the last decade, unfortunately development goes straight into the second possibility….so have fun with your kids on the "Prison Planet"…………

terrie alexander says:

hope family and and true nature is still living. its ok to be free , live in nature and not be addicted to gadgets.Blessed are people not connected or controlled by to the control system.

braddockakalatis2 says:

That genetically modified squirrel looks better than my hair.

The Dark City says:

He gives the same same speech every effing time! NEVER changes…..uh!!!

Casey Czarnomski says:

Ray, I love you man. You would benefit from a personal stylist. Some people might take you more seriously. I've been following you for 20 years, most don't know as much about you.

Gods Eye View says:

That toupee is not working!

wjfox2006 says:

Great talk, but useless camerawork. Show us the graphs FFS.

veganize says:

Always interesting Ray, love the plates.

Khannea says:

Ah, exciting times. I kinda loathe the world as it is now – a solid Singularity hard take-off will upset a lot of apple carts and destroy a fair share of holy calfs. Sure the world might destroy itself, but I was going to die of old age if nothing happened. With this whole Singularity business I have a small shot at wonderful times. If it turns out bad, well that's just too bad.

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