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D-Wave Quantum Artificial Intelligence Robotics, its here and it is going change everything. It is the goal of the creators of this technology to fully integrate it with Humans and eventually transplant the Human consciousness in to a combined A.I exoskeleton.


Geronimo apache says:

Rick and Morty and i qoute from that .: MY MAN!!! ´=D ´=))

Baby kids Vamos brincar says:

Today's artificial intelligence is similar to Adolf Hitler when he was a baby, imagine people finding that baby on the street at that time and saying, "Look what a most beautiful baby." There, if they knew he was going to turn into a "devil"! VAIDAMERDA666 https://youtu.be/bKJlC5XeoMk

Barry Hughes says:

Your future logically decided in zeros and ones. Robots and humans are incompatable…one is logical, the other unfathomable. You will be the instrument of your own demise. R.I.P. Humanity.

Sherry K says:

this is what theyrr working on and arr probably much more advanced than what weve been shown here. most folks cant fathom it, so in kicks the cognitive dissonance. very disturbing.

Faithful to the End says:

As in the days of Noah. These machines, as real as they may seem, will never have a soul. The bodies of these Soulless intelligent machines will eventually be the abode for demons. Sound farfetched? Research why cloned animals are more aggressive and dangerous than ones that were created naturally.

Veke3 Chemtrails above & beyond says:

Fascinating although disturbing footage at some point. Thank you for having contributed to my intellectual growth 🙂

Ray Mellas says:

Well put! But, I wonder how these will fare when NIbiru passes…

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