Prof. Nick Bostrom Speaks to the UK Parliament's Artificial Intelligence Committee

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Recorded: October 10th, 2017

Witnesses: Professor Wendy Hall, Professor of Computer Science, University of Southampton Professor Nick Bostrom, Director, Future of Humanity Institute Professor Michael Wooldridge, Head of Department and Professor of Computer Science, Oxford University

Witnesses: Ms Sarah O'Connor, Employment Correspondent, Financial Times Mr Rory Cellan-Jones, Technology Correspondent, BBC Mr Andrew Orlowski, Executive Editor, The Register


flashkraft says:

The woman in the middle in the black dress is called Sarah…O…Conner. LOL

Anil Löeb says:

Chaired by Michael Caine's retarded cousin 😉

fixed dog says:

Fucking boomers. They are desperately attempting to destroy western civilization and now they are attempting to talk to Dr. Bostrom about technology beyond AM radio. Fuck off boomers.

p3tr0114 says:

@30:00 It seems ridiculous to say that we need plenty of "empathy" workers in the future.

Peter Hansen says:

i think it will only be a matter of a few years before someone makes a good enough ai to crash the internet or do similar things either intentionally or not… too many spammers and scammers already on the net as it is

Andrew Vailcross says:

The year 2017, what's happening with the spund and quality with video, don't they have something better?

HairlessHare says:

Did he just say… Sarah Connor?

budes matpicu says:

nick should tell them THEY (political parasites) are going to be obsolete soon… actually, they already are, since quite some time… exactly the same story like the end of degenerated monarchies… oops, that's UK, LOL… btw. what an obsession with these DeepMind scammers that clearly target to extract brutal billions from health system (their rocketeering to GoogleEvil is harmless, as they have stolen too much money from the society anyway)

Louis Dickinson says:

Sam Harris needs to give a response to this. They seem to believe jobs will be automated but new jobs will arise. The issue it only a tiny amount of specialised jobs will be created compared to the millions of jobs that will be automated.

Christopher Carr says:

Nice arguments from incredulity in that second panel.

HairlessHare says:

The human being in the middle is… useless.

Sam Meachem says:


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