Photoshopped Videos created using Artificial Intelligence!! | Explained by Dhruv Rathee

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We have reached a point in technology, where it is possible to create anything, make anyone say anything in a high resolution video. Till now, this was done in movies using long and complicated process of CGI. But now it is possible for anyone to do it in a matter of minutes sitting at home thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence. I explain machine learning and neural networks in brief here apart from explaining how these Artificial intelligence generated synthetic videos can be created. I also discuss the implications of this technology along with solutions on how we can counter it.

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Dhruv Rathee says:

English subtitles are now up! Click CC to see them and share the video please 🙂

manas mahanty says:

Feku banduk hai or deep fake uski goli.

Meenakshi Jha says:

really it is a wonderful video and I appreciate your work, just keep working and thanks for sharing such valuable information with us.

my creations says:

Political advertising

nidhi singh says:

How. Could you scare me like

Siddartha Narzary says:

Fake newer should jail or punished or banned to do news

Jayaditya Dey says:

This can be used to show deceased actors in movie scenes. Carrie Fisher, Paul Walker, Heath Ledger, Sridevi and so many other actors can be shown in minor scenes for nostalgia.

tm wilson says:

What's up new

Rajesh Pancholi says:

Choir sipahi races will go on

Rajesh Pancholi says:

Is this yours??

Rajesh Pancholi says:

U n like u must careful now , this one is yours ???

Cray Zee says:

Only me spot Enrique at 07:46

Syed Geelan says:

5 Ways the silence free voice is 100% accurate

Muhammad Aqudas says:

Wow amazing technology bjp k it shel ko rambaan milgaya

Anis Shreyan says:

But making a Neural Network is not too easy for a simple man as even for a single programmer and it's too time expensive

Laharee Mitra says:

If museums could use this technology…

Nabeel Hassan says:

Hahaha main na abi soch hi thi per apna bat kardi hai g

Soumya Bahera says:

Very helpful video sir

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