NVIDIA's Artificial Intelligence GPU Revolution – TITAN V – GTCJapan keynote

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TITAN V has the power of 12 GB HBM2 memory and 640 Tensor Cores, delivering 110 TeraFLOPS of performance.
CEO Jensen Huang’s GTCJapan keynote on Dec. 13th, 2017


Greg W says:

I don’t think anyone would feel the need to be in a conference room together or whatever a conference call will suffice.

ХОРОШО says:

Saddly AI will destroy humanity and there is no way around. Listen Nick Bostrom.

Spasserboy says:

It just works..

robert tatum says:

super comprehensive software/hardware object(GPU)…wonderfully informative presentation

M W says:

125 TFLOPS….ARRRGH!!!!(Homer Simpson Drool).

M W says:

protect all humans endl;

Holger Otto ANDRé says:

This is the way?? Yes it is. I agree in all but the future car vision. They are on the way of disappearing.

Marek Horak says:

Sweet awesome

Nicole Dormido says:

Now we're all doing to die

Brad Adult says:

Awesome now A.I can help us with everything. Oh come on guys you really think we're going to do that with puny brains? Some peoples brains are even too slow to process emotions! The human race itself needs change. No more losers and criminals and asshole hackers, we could have a paradise and explore other planets and Galaxies. And I bet people are scared. But there too scared. You should at most just be a little bit paranoid. Not idiots out on a major ai companies street protesting for religious belief. There too scared to be shown the truth. And they really shouldn't be.

linda linacre says:

Thank you Star Trek for spurring people to strive for such outcomes. 😀 How much power was expended in this demonstration?

John Doe says:

Virtual presence. More like virtual prisons amirite

KeyBrute89 says:

Imagine if the robots have a Titan V inside them then some dude just pry's it open and goes home to play GTA 6.

Jason Wings says:

Anyone watch "cream" by David Firth?

Riff Raven says:

I like his leather Jacket.

psycronizer says:

I'm up minute 27 and I'm actually impressed, and it takes a bit to impress me when it comes to AI, because I understand the human cerebral cortex and the abilities of the neuron and it's basic computational ability. So, and this is a serious question, I wonder how many generations ahead it will be , before manufacturers start to get worried about the massive reliance we have on AI and then start to add kill switch's embedded onto the wafer's….ten years? fifteen ?…

psycronizer says:

er..I've been legless before…but NEVER quite THAT bad…whoa hang on…that guy didn't know what a crankshaft is ? well bugger me…that's just appalling..he shouldn't be allowed anywhere NEAR a car engine..virtual or not….still, I can see this being an EXCELLENT DESIGN TOOL..FINALLY REAL CAD/CAM THE WAY IT WAS PROMISED from like over 30 years ago…I remember reading books about this when I was a kid…finally we are getting the real deal…

psycronizer says:

that AI thing fell to pieces when he magically hopped into the car !! he MATERIALIZED INSIDE THE FUCKING CAR ! that's bullshit ! if in an AI environment you can't just simply interact by walking over to it, and open the door and get in, it's just crap….that's some pretty lame interactivity there..color me not impressed….

R.A.B. Waldvogel says:

the probldm here, when looking at quantum mecanics, is that we,the people,, the brainwashed controlled sheeps we are, have unconsciously consciously created this illusion we consider being reality… if james cameron hadnt shot the terminators movies,we wouldnt all be worrying about skynet now… they should have stop making movies after alice in wonderland… what im trying to say, is to repeat what a few great physicists and thi kers have been telling us, is that we create reality…consciously but mostly unconsciously. .. if we really decided to take upon ourselves the outcome of our unconsciously decided future by organising ourselves and focuse on commonly agreed positive future events, it wouldnt take long to start living in a totally new illusionof a reality… if we could agree on what would be best for all of us, and then take 10-15 minutes of our time, but synchronised all around the world and all meditate, focuse, affirm and dont doubt the slightest that this is what it shall be, then, well, your wish is my command…the problem is most are happy with their VR 3D HQ curved flat screen netflixed distraction, which makes it easier for the ones who feed us with images of violence and negativity, that we help them creating this reality which is more real than the worst illusion Udini came up with…forgive my poor english and my crazy thinking,its just how I perceive thi gs are…

Andreas Baumgartner says:

Why i still haven't seen anything like VOLTA in the stores? Will the AI decide when i want buy it and therefore mine the required bitcoins just in time for me so that i can afford it?

1966human says:

You will need satellite x ray or sound imaging to help a tradesman find his lost tools, I think it is too early for Ai cars at the moment, I don't believe humans can drive cars

joseph fatur says:

Generally, very impressive stuff. But your machine-generated music sucks. Mozart wrote better stuff when he was five years old.
Still, a time might come when a machine can extend Mozart's twenty seven (exact number depending on how you count) piano concertos. I Iook forward.
Who knows? The machine MIGHT produce something more sublime that PC 20 in D minor.

Paulo Yoshizaki says:

G. T. C. JAPAN KEY NOTE. ……………………………OK!!!……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

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