MIT AGI: Artificial General Intelligence

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This is the opening lecture for course 6.S099: Artificial General Intelligence. This class is free and open to everyone. Our goal is to take an engineering approach to exploring possible paths toward building human-level intelligence for a better world.


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Deth Meddl says:

He was with joe rogan. I know him from joe rogan. I like joe rogpog

Sarah Weaver says:

28:22 Well yea, that's why I advocate a Free Software approach to building more advanced androids than Sophia, so we can see how they work, and as publicly accountable team, reverse engineer and study how they work.

Sarah Weaver says:

Great stuff here!^ ^

Indrajith Indraprastham says:

I feel that we are no where close to AGI

aka Jamie says:

"Engineers of non-human souls…"

Will Thorpe says:

While purely fiction, in Robopocalypse , written by Daniel H. Wilson (Robotics engineer. Wilson is a contributing editor to Popular Mechanics magazine) came up with a scenario that I think may need looking into. His fictional story had robots that would essentially connect to the human brain and control their body. So instead of creating a human brain equivalent for AGI / Deep learning to use, they simply stole ours. This parallels what Ray K. often talks about regarding "Uploading" our consciousnesses to a computer on in this case we are giving our mind over instead of AI taking it.

Monkey Robots Inc. says:

If Rocky Balboa became a scientist and talked about something super cool.

Momo says:

I wish everyone had equal education opportunities without monetary involvement. Maybe we could have been a few more steps ahead from developing this amazing and beautiful reality that Mother Nature has for us and the entire Universe.

Sometimes I think of all those scientists and smart engineers that couldn't make it due to social class and or the ability to make ends meet. My goal was to become a Computer engineer and a Scientist but, due to greed and Social status in the world today, those goals were impossible no matter how hard I try.

I dropped out of High School in my sophomore year due to hardship and never looked back, I became a frustrated computer engineer and or scientist, but I never lost hope that someone out there had the same purpose to Understand, Create, and to Deliver step by step.

"This egg hasn't been lay yet, sometimes I wonder if I'll be able to witness the hatching process in my life time"

"I think no matter how much we hate each other, we are all fighting to reach this goal in different ways, no matter how long it gets delayed its our purpose"

I was 16 years old when I first wrote my book about the the path of humanity back in the early 90s, It was never published because my family believes in God and I didn't want them to think I was crazy.

Keep up with this amazing work!! And thank you so much for this viewing opportunity.

Partisan Issues says:

We used this video in our article 'Why Artificial Intelligence Isn’t Very Intelligent' Thank you.

Paulo Constantino says:

The idea that simple rules can lead to complex behaviour is a big fallacy. Yes there are simple automata that can generate complex behaviour, BUT… The automata cannot exist by itself without a substrate, i.e. a computer for the program to run on. By itself it is so simple it cant exist because it has no substrate to operate on. So a simple automata cannot create a universe (which is what wolfram believes). The universe is fractal in nature. Simple things can exist only inside sufficiently complex systems.

Pablo Mena says:

Thanks for your amazing words, and your efforts toward sharing valuable input from multiple people on the subject, to the masses.

Gates Of Vienna says:

1.5x speed, guys

Noxlight says:

Thank you for this amazing courses

Robert Dwayne says:

What if Aliens are just AI of another worlds who destroyed their creators and it's planet.

Lady Creole says:

I hope they take heed the warning that Stephen Hawking left behind in reference to artificial intelligence and how it would once take over the world. Mankind needs to be mindful.

Laha Ale says:

it seems a speech given by a politician or salesman 🙂

Roman says:

You are talking here about high matters, curing diseases, man on Mars, blah-blah-blah. But we all know that AI is currently used by governments and corporations to control each and every aspect of our lives and to sell us more disposable junk. And when AGI will be released, do you seriously think that with amount of data that it has about each of us it will serve humanity???


"Through Faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear…" – Hebrews 11:3

God might be General Intelligence which emerged in the far past from the consciousness of people dedicated over millennia to Love as the absolute negative entropy factor and so the main operating motive of sentient, all-knowing and space-time independent intelligence…

Build your codes to always and despite of circumstances reach the objective in cooperation between two machines or a machine and human and if this is impossible through sacrifice of one machine if it helps the other machine or a human.

RickOShay says:

Perhaps we need to develop intelligent data. Where data itself has a primitive understanding of its form and can make connections, associations and reorient relative to other data 'cells'. An 'intelligent' jigsaw where the 'coding' of each piece or data cell allows it to reject, modify/influence/ filter and accept associations that create the 'bigger picture' – so to speak. Intelligent data – we are what we make.

Simon Baker says:

I believe that AGI will ultimately make humanity less happy (unless we biologically evolve to accept roles that we would not accept today), but I agree with the exploration compulsion thesis, particularly in young people (older people like myself often arrive at an entirely different feeling about what is enjoyable about life), so pushing AI to its limits is no doubt our destiny, though I predict periodic backlashes as with any societal change thoughout history. I started studying AI about 45 years ago but didn't pursue it. Now I am resuming my interest in it. Surprisingly, many of the techniques taught in these courses are foundationally the same as what I was learning back then and feel familiar. By the way, a really good online course is the BerkeleyX: CS188x_1 Artificial Intelligence course — mainly focuses on "search", but does a very nice job.

Mass Extinction says:

Sophia 😘

Mass Extinction says:


Steve Rowe says:

Lex, did Andrej Karpathy give the talk about Deep Learning as scheduled in January? If so, when might we expect it to be added here?

Thank you so much for putting these online!

Yiheng Zhang says:

The suit is quite intelligence agent XD

Pewi73 says:

A company called Kimera.ia claims to be the first to have invented AGI. How likely is it that this is true? Anybody?

Mike's Bobcat Services, LLC - Michael Lambrecht says:

I'm looking forward to AI explaining and discovering the Creator and his interaction with the human race

alexinaboxx says:

This will be a historical landmark of a course I think in the future.

Laura Baden says:

Thank you for making this public.

Olina Drebew says:

Got some new insights, thanks a lot for the work

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