Meet Cozmo, the AI robot with emotions

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Cozmo is a mini companion robot powered by a so-called emotion engine that develops as it learns about you. Developers will have access to an SDK to program the robot.

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Maria Escalante says:


Cruz Vlogs says:

I have a Cozmo

cool videos awesome says:

Does it need WiFi to work

Alone ALAN WALKER says:

Pls buy me cozmo

Your Average Commenter says:

i'm sobbing, i want one to be my friend

Gunnery Honeybadger says:

Are these prophices a joke to you?

o-ptimus prime says:

my grandson trips and falls everywhere on the house. but he gives me warm hugs of love and can do thousands of things more than this program. mi car responds to my command, has no feeling. my grandson got one for Christmas, real neat but way way limited as to say it is quite stupid lol

Erin Donaldson says:

This is much less intimidating than Sofia.

Funkydude71's Variety Channel says:

Reply if u want that as ur phone A.I.

Eazy B says:

Just another way for the govermemt to spy on us same with alexa and siri no thanks

777 tocoolforvool says:

Puck this you guys are trying to replace pets just imagen all thise cats and dogs and everything sittin there in the rain loseing hope that they need love we are giveing our love to machines they dont need it you guys make me sick animals need love

Kevin Yang says:

I got a Vector ad on this Cozmo video…

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