MD vs Machine: How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Medicine

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Artificial intelligence is gradually changing medical practice. With the recent progress in data collection, advanced machine learning methods, and high-performance computing infrastructure, AI can assist in disease diagnosis, treatment selection, and prediction of patients' clinical outcomes.

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Wendy Muttitt says:

man this

Reggie Shmeggie says:

They can't even replace all cashiers with machines in a grocery store what are you even talking bout?
Replacing doctors.. oh sure lol

Bozo Jimmy says:

is there a twitter handle or a blog for AI specific research at HMS ?

anusha k says:

The global AI in the healthcare market will be growing with a CAGR of 48.7% to reach $XX Billion by 2025 from $XX Billion in 2019 during the forecast period 2019-2025.

Request a sample report @

Ramashis Barman says:

Artificial intelligence is goin to replace doctors very soon.

Antonio says:

I need an official or a world renowned economist to have a private chat with me about what will happen in the next, say, 5-10 to double the decade of our time if jobs are going to be suppressed and have us to have lower wages.

And if so, may I also know how are we (future adults) going to live with a roof over our heads, eat at least 3 meals a day, and shower until the day we die be sufficient with these low wages as quote on quote "do we not agree, or shall I say appropriately that money is the source/income or means of exchange to have our necessities be presented to us in life?".

I'm definitely thankful for what they say AI is capable of helping us, but am worried what can we do as human beings to survive if they ever replace / suppress our means of survival.

Once again, would love to speak to an official or renowned economist.

Thank you.

Respectfully yours,

John Gober says:

It's OK if his pronunciation isn't perfect. Many Asian Americans avoid communicating in English because they don't want to sound bad. I think it is good if we have confident immigrants from Asia that are willing to share their knowledge so that we can grow our technology no matter who it is. Great presentation.

حموده says:

Will doctors be replaced or be paid less ? And when will it be fully implemented?

mohnish vishal says:

Should I feel bad for turning the subtitle

independent variable says:

greetings from turkey …. i must say ı love hıs speech but ı thınk AI wıll be prolıfıc and safer way of curıng cancerous cells and malıagnancy of tıs cells

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