Machine Learning: Living in the Age of AI | A WIRED Film

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“Machine Learning: Living in the Age of AI,” examines the extraordinary ways in which people are interacting with AI today. Hobbyists and teenagers are now developing tech powered by machine learning and WIRED shows the impacts of AI on schoolchildren and farmers and senior citizens, as well as looking at the implications that rapidly accelerating technology can have. The film was directed by filmmaker Chris Cannucciari, produced by WIRED, and supported by McCann Worldgroup.

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Machine Learning: Living in the Age of AI | A WIRED Film


Cole Hege says:

What is that app called that the girl is using? See ai app? I want to download it. I can't find anything that does what hers is doing

Cocoy Nohay says:

Sophia is a big lie and just a marketing ploy so showing it to kids is just wrong. 🙄

Bradley7 Johnson says:

The most pleasing and terrifying part of ai is either to wipe evil out ideology or to make people believe in it

Mohd Osama says:

Sir please make this video in hindi please🙏🙏 sir please

Mohd Osama says:

Please sir make this video in hindi please sir please🙏🙏

Benjamin Anderson says:

LOL! They make it sound like a neural network gets it right the first time. LOL! It doesn't by the way. Sometimes neural network datasets train the most stupid classifiers I have ever seen. LOL. But, yeah, sometimes they are magical. LOL!

Chalton Aloe says:

I think sometime in the future, robots will demand for equal rights and freedom like humans. They will also probably quit being overworked and also campaign for the right to 'procreate' just like humans. They mighty even come up with a constitution. Humanity will be officially DONE.

metamaggot says:

the way it's gone so far nearly everything we've invented has had unforeseen consequences..robots put people out of jobs,cars and oil based products are creating problems with and safety are creating demographics that are incompatible with our current pension models,..computers are slowly phasing out all other forms of audio and visual media as well as paper money..with ai well who knows…

Ethan K says:

Praise El Donald Trumpito

Mori .Kurogawa says:

If the ultimate achievement will be that AI will program and maintain itself (without erasing humans), then it is a good thing but if all those various jobs will be replaced by sitting in front of screens all day and getting sick taking care of robots, well that's kinda dumb. The main issue is yet that technology will sooner or later allow governments full surveillance and control over their citizens.

Tommy Selbe says:

Did the automobile displace half of the workforce? Yeah if you were a horse!!!

Jeff Kressner says:

Human beings have become the literal architects of their own extinction. Once the technology gets to a certain level and in the hands of bad actors it will be the end of humanity. There won't be anything we can do about it or be able to stop it. There is an end date we are working towards whether we realize it or not.

Spi Chan says:

this video is just trying to convice me about the good stuff of AI
I would prefer more of a video which gives me both the good and the bad stuff that can come up and let me decide on my own
thank u 😛

Vitaly Kuzmenko says:

Good documentary. Thanks

Skii Woo says:

1:01 that's the most disturbing sound humanity has ever created 😴

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